Cherry tree & Cherry girl

I have a big Cherry tree in my garden. It has a beautiful and dramatic blooming in April/May, and it smells wonderful. Every year I am excited by the prospect of filling my basket with these delicious berries, but this never happens. When the cherries are soft and ready to pick the birds take them…They take them all. It literally takes one day for the fruit to be stripped. Talk about disappointment. Last year I managed to save about twenty of them, but the year before that the birds only left me three shiny cherries on my huge tree. I do love animals, and have no problem sharing… but they are a little rebellious, stealing my cherries and leaving a pile of cherry stones that the birds obviously spat out.

Telling the story about my cherry tree made me think about a cherry lingerie session I did with photographer Johan Gustavsson some months ago : )

-Click pics to enlarge-

Doesn’t this look absolutely delicious? mm m mmm…

A blossoming cherry tree.

4 Responses to “Cherry tree & Cherry girl”

  1. I am the cherry pie guy :)


  2. mmm que rico, me encantan las cerezas


  3. Marianna Says:

    Hi Tallee,
    You can purchase netting or fishnets to cover your tree about a month after bloom. i have done this at some of my clients houses with much success though there still might be a minimal loss of fruit. I thought camo nets would work too I might try that this year. I feel your pain; a bear ate all 100 bunches of grapes in one night last year the day before I was going to pick them. I heard him back there and I knew it was all over. Wildlife says” Oh that nice lady, planting all these goodies for me to eat.” Food for thought ha ha ha. Love to you all in the land of the midnight sun.


    • Thank you Marianna! ha ha ha ha a bear? That is so cool though. We have deer in our garden now and then. They eat our flowers, but I don’t care… I love watching them. Beautiful animals.


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