Here we go again… Sweden Rock Festival

The highlight of the year is finally upon us. Yes people, I am talking about the SWEDEN ROCK FESTIVAL. It takes place in Sölvesborg in the very south of Sweden, about a six hour drive from Stockholm. You either stay at the rock camping, rock trailers or like us in a ROCK cabin, with only seven minute walk to the festival area and a one minute walk to the sea, if you feel like taking a dip in the ocean.

This year the variety of bands is unbelievable. Everything from Rock, Heavy Metal, Black metal to Blues, Sleaze rock, AOR etc. These are some of the bands playing:   M.S.G, Cinderella, Behemoth, Gary Moore, Guns n’ Roses, Mother Finest, D-A-D, Billy Idol, Opeth, W.A.S.P, Dundertåget, Y&T, Jorn, Bigelf, TREAT, Stratovarious, Quireboys, Conny Bloom, Dan Reed and many, many more. One thing I don’t want to miss is the ceremony held for Ronnie James Dio on thursday.

30 000 people can’t be wrong… this is the place to be from the 9th -12th of June. I will be back next week with photos and a story about the festival.

Four different outfits – Check!
Earplugs – Check!
Tickets & backstage pass – Check!
Beer – Check
Fruit & nuts – Check…etc, etc, etc…. check! check! Check! YES I am all ready to go… Rock´n´rooooll

3 Responses to “Here we go again… Sweden Rock Festival”

  1. Theresa Says:

    Have a rockin good time ;)


  2. – kick ass car-playlist that is gonna blow everyone elses away – CHECK!!!
    Jag tror att det är 7:e året på rad vi åker nu, eller hur?
    Ses snart, :-)


  3. Wish I could go! Have a blast at the Festival Tallee, and make sure to bring back loads of pics :) xx


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