Sweden Rock Festival 2010 – Summary

Everything is very quiet now. Coming home from the Sweden Rock Festival is always a bit melancholic. Having to wait a whole year again. Now I am sitting here trying to recall the moments that made this year special to me.

First of all I went with a bunch of great and fun friends. All nine of us shared a bus and a cabin and had a great time. Lotta, Amanda, Madleine, Hanna, Me, Jompa, Mattias, Pasi and Lasse.

These are some of the bands I saw:

Cinderella did a fantastic show. Started out with some sound complication, but was right back on track for the second song.  They sounded awesome.  Good choice of songs and Tom Keifer sang just like on the old records. Perfect attitude on stage too.

In contrast to Cinderella we have Opeth. Progression and perfectionism from hell. Undoubtably one of the greatest groups today.

I finally got to see the fabled L. A. quartet Bigelf. Brilliant psychedelic-doom progressive rock. I hope they turn huge… because they earn to be huge.

W.A.S.P. also did a powerful show. But Blackie Lawless looked very funny with his make up. I need to help him with that on some occasion…

Compatriot Tom Araya from Slayer made me eat most of my doubts about this band. I find it strange even writing this; But they were actually good. I have never liked this band before. Really worked for me live. Specially the song Raining  blood.

I also saw Dan Reed, Quireboys, Gary Moore, Anvil, Aerosmith, Jorn, MSG, Winger, Mayhem etc. But I also missed a lot because weather really sucked. We did see something round and yellow from time to time, being recognized as something called “sun”. But in general it was windy, cold and rainy. This could feel like a disaster if you are in a festival, but rockers are troopers. I did complain about my hair going from straight to curly to frizzy, but mostly I defied the rain.

— • —

Here is an album with pictures from SWEDEN ROCK FESTIVAL 2010

Nathalie, Martin, Per, Martin, me, Fredrik (Opeth)  —-  Michael Åkerfeldt (Opeth) & Mattias

— • —

Anders, Madleine & me  —   Mattias

— • —

Me, Maud, Martina and Anna  —  Anders Johansson (Hammerfall) and…. a hand?

— • —

Me, Jompa, Hanna, Amanda, Matt, Fredrik & Lena   —  The lying down game

— • —

With Anders Ljung (Casablanca)  —   Me, Jocke, Matt, Lotta & Andy  —  Peter Löfgren

— • —

Me, my sis Amanda with Pasi and Anders Wikström of Treat

— • —

With Jocke from Hellfeuled  —  Amanda, me, Lotta and Lena

— • —


7 Responses to “Sweden Rock Festival 2010 – Summary”

  1. En annan skolkade från SR och tog ett fotbad och lyssnade på Sarah Brightman istället. Ångrar mig lite nu när jag ser hur roligt ni verkade ha. Men nästa år hoppas jag att jag kommer iväg i alla fall…


  2. vilken schyssta bilder från Sweden Rock!!! grattis Talle ni ser jätte glada ut allihopa !


  3. Todos se ven muy felices y contentos……..
    La Amandita esta preciosa!!!
    Talita toda la primera parte esta vacia,solo se ven los cuadrados y rectangulos
    Oye quin estaba cuidando a las ninas mientras????


  4. great festival,porra quanto banda fudida.valeu


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