Gothin’ out with Bigelf in sepia

Since Damon Fox from Bigelf and I share this fascination for stovepipe hats I thought I would combine my photo session with a word or two about the blokes from L.A. and a few live shots I took of Bigelf at the Sweden Rock Festival.

– Here are some “Goth in sepia” pics of me taken by photographer Börje Ensgård.

Damon Fox, me & two guitar wizards enjoying life, Ace Mark of Bigelf and Fredrik Åkesson of Opeth

These guys are really cool. Look, sound, performance… Everything is very cool about them. But then again I am a huge fan of The Beatles, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, and Bigelf´s music is a quilt of those bands with a little sprinkle of T-Rex and Pink Floyd. I have met guitar player Ace Mark before, when they opened up for Opeth and Dream Theather a few months ago. He was as humble and cool as the last time I met him. Frontman Damon Fox was also very polite but gave a more serious impression with his very intense eyes. I found myself wondering if maybe he had some magical skills that would turn me into a rabbit or something… Weird.

When I took these backstage pics I had not seen them live yet. The show was not until the next morning. Not at a very good hour and not under the best weather conditions. The gig took place at noon and rain was pouring down. But that did not matter. Our minds where set to see this gig and so I stringed on my boots, straightened my long black skirt, folded out my umbrella and  flew off like Mary Poppins to join the psychedelic doom-circus from where the 1970´s never ended. Harmonic Jon Lordisch hammond organ feast. For a few seconds confusion roared through my mind, over whether to headbang or shake my ass… Both works with Bigelf : )

Bigelf have been around in L.A since the ’90s. They have released three albums to date:
Honey Machine (2000), Hex (2003), Cheat the Gallows (2008/2009)

Check them out here >>>

Current line up:
Damon Fox – vocals, keyboards
Ace Mark – guitar
Duffy Snowhill – bass
Steve Frothingham a.k.a. Froth – drums

— • —

Enjoy some of Bigelfs videos here. Very wicked ; )


The Evils Of Rock & Roll:

2 Responses to “Gothin’ out with Bigelf in sepia”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Yeah, Bigelf is a damn good band. To me, they’re like the bands you described, but they’re like Argent, King Crimson, Mountain, and Budgie rolled up into one….


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