All this talk about princesses this week has reminded me of my childhood dreams on the matter. Dressing up like a princess is a passage that lots of young girls go through. I have also had that dream, but it was always different from other girls. I didn’t want to wear a girly-cinderella-pink-fluffy dress. It made me feel a little bit submissive and weak. Nothing wrong with little girls wanting to dress up in cute princess dresses, but I just don’t like the stereotype and discrimination against girls and women, physically helpless on assumption that women are suppose to be that way. I would  always return to the stronger characters in my Tarzan comic strips. The princesses of the amazons. I was enchanted by them. Independent and strong princesses, both physically and mentally, plus they have all the allure of good beautiful women. Amazons or women from the mythological or fantasy literature, as well as our real world. I am talking about girls like Wonder woman, Pippi Longstocking and especially my daughters. They all deserve a tiara made of cameos, gold and pearls.

Princess Adina 5 yrs old – 2002 • Princess Elizia 2 yrs old – 2003

Amazon princess and beautiful princess Fiona.

— • —

Princess of Darkness
Model & Make up: me  •  Photo: Robert Milovan  •  Graphics: Mattias Savage Wilmenius

— • —

These past weeks have been all about princesses. Thanks to Princess Victoria’s wedding, of course. To my foreign readers I’d like to explain that Victoria is our King, Carl Gustaf’s daughter and the next queen of Sweden. On saturday she tied the knot with her gym teacher Daniel Westling. I am certainly not a royalist, but I am not against it either… I am indifferent. I simply don’t give a damn. But, of course, I sometimes wonder what the real value of the Royals is? What do they bring the nation today? Tourism, identity, international relations? We fund a lavishing lifestyle for a few people who spend it on stupid things. They are multi-millionaires so it’s not like they need our money. Furthermore I don’t like how the regent is decided by blood and not by democratic means. It really goes against everything this country stands for, in my opinion. But on the other hand I like the royal tradition that has been around for 100’s and 100’s of years.  I say…. keep the royal family, the castle and what ever they have. Good for PR, but cut a big part of their royal allowance.

So, did I watch the wedding on TV? Of course I did, and it was beautiful. Victoria looked astonishing. Oh… that’s right, I don´t give a damn ; )

— • —

The movie Prince of Persia – The sands of time, is also a story about a guy that, like Daniel Westling, was picked up off the streets and became a prince. The movie is directed by Mike Newell and is starring Jake Gyllenhaal as prince Dastan in the lead role. Gemma Artenton as the lovely Princess Tamina. I just saw the movie and I liked it… Good old-fashioned, action-adventure film.

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