Clowns can be characterized in many different ways. Although their intended purpose is to entertain and be funny, a lot of people find them scary and terrifying. I find them neither scary nor particularly funny, but I like their appearance, with their stylish make up and unusual outfits.

The idea was to put two different clowns in a room with suitably antique feeling to it. So I built a tall bed and collected the items that I found necessary. After that it was solely about teamwork between models, make up artist, stylist, photographer and graphic artist.

Now, whether it is the pantomimes from ancient Greece, the French mime tradition deriving from Pierrot or Italian jesters and fools, they have all changed or varied a little in mood over the years and that has given us a wide spectrum of characters to choose from. Elizia, with her personality, is undoubtedly an Auguste clown. The Auguste clown is the most comic of all clowns. Its actions are wilder and more flamboyant and their make up features of are exaggerated in size. Appropriately dressed by stylist Amanda in a bold costume made by costume designer Roger Janson, with crazy patterns and the right accessories, that often characterizes the Auguste clown costumes.

The adult clown is a character clown, which means you can do anything, with endless choices. Since the character clowns make up and dress are totally dependant upon the character chosen, we had to, of course, collaborate to make it match. Amanda put together a “neat whiteface” white costume with the classic attributes of a circus clown, such as a ruffled collar, a red nose and big feet, but with a very pretty, sophisticated and alluring look and the make up just follows that.

Hope you enjoy the pictures  and just out of curiosity, I would like to hear what your relationship to, or experiences with clowns are. Maybe you are coulrophobic, meaning you have  an extreme fear of clowns?

Models: Elizia Savage & Amanda Martinez
Make up: Tallee Savage

Stylist: Amanda Martinez
Wardrobe: Independent kostym
Photographer: JenHell
Graphic Designer: Mattias Savage

7 Responses to “Clowns”

  1. me encanto este trabajo y sus comentarios de produccion son tan entretenidos……..


  2. Don´t like them, don´t dislike them, not afraid of them, they´re just boring.
    LOVE this particular little clown though!! :-)


  3. oooooooh…CLOWNS ARE EEEEEEEVIL….I used to think they were kind of jolly….but.ever since I read Stephen King’s “IT” about 20 yrs ago, I never thought about them same way again LOL!


  4. Lovley, just love it!! Outstanding så beautiful they are. Love the make up Tallee:-)KRAAMMM


  5. i love! underbar serie :)


  6. Thank you very much, guys : )


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