Midsummer 2010 – Jumping & Laying

One of the most important holidays in Sweden would be midsummer. We basically celebrate when the sun’s apparent position in the sky reaches its northernmost and it is therefore the lightest day of the year. A common tradition in the north of Europe is to party, dance around the maypole, listen to accordion music and wear crowns made of wildflowers. Very nice…

… But since we are not Swedish, not traditional and we are rockers. we do things a little bit differently.

We jump….

-Click pics to enlarge-

Matt – Elizia – Adina

Cholla – Amanda – Pasi

Jompa – Zack – Hanna

Jenny – Erik – Nyffe

and we lay.

I was not in the least bit surprised that the idea for this game came from my friend Lotta F. She always has some crazy and funny ideas up her sleeve. The “lying game” was one of them. Yes, it is odd, but it is so much fun watching the creativity of people lying down. The game was started by Gary Clarkson, a man from somewhere in the U.S.A and has rapidly spread across the world, from the states to Singapore, to Europe… to everywhere.

Rules to lie downs: What? You thought this was easy? Of course there is some technique to it ; )

• You have to be as if you are standing up. Vertically challenged. (but obviously lying down).
• The tip of your toes pointing to the ground
• Palms of your hands against your sides.
• Face down

My friend just started a Facebook group ” Titta vi ligger” = “Look we are lying“. Everyone with a random sense of humour, is welcome to join. Find a place were you can lay with comfort. The more creative the more entertaining…but don’t forget the rules!

Tallee – Elizia – Jenny – Erik – Jompa – Cholla – Nyffe – Amanda – Hanna – Zack – Mattias

-Click pics to enlarge-

These photos are taken on different locations in June.
Amanda – Mattias – Lotta F – Lena T – Maria E – Tallee
Uffe M – Hanna H – Jompa W – Stefan Z – Teddybear

6 Responses to “Midsummer 2010 – Jumping & Laying”

  1. Theresa Says:

    Ok, so th epoint of the laying game is to lay anywhere creative, with hands to side, toes pointed down with face down, right? Where do I add my picture’s, if I do this? he he he and by the way very cool jumping pics on the trampoline ;)


    • Yes, that is correct Theresa. I have now posted the link to the facebook group under the pictures. It is in purple. I want to see lots of creative lay-donws from Huntington Beach : )


  2. Sean Bowie Says:

    YES, YOU’RE ROCKERS!!!!! THANK GOD, I’m sick of poseurs ’round here!!!! Next person who asks, “Who’s Uli?” DIES!!!!!!


  3. We had so much fun…

    Now, some people might wonder why it is called MAYpole when midsummer is at the end of June. In swedish “to may a pole” means dressing a pole in birch leaves, thus a maypole.


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