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I would say that my life is more complete because of this dance.  This did not come naturally to me. I am half Chilean, half American and live in Sweden. Middle eastern music, dance and tradition are not in my blood, but the passion of the music is absolute, It really feeds my soul.

About the dance: The term “Belly dance” is a misnomer as every part of the body is involved in the dance. The most featured body part in raqs sharqi being the hips. Belly dance takes many different forms depending on country and region, both in costume and dance style.

Göran Magnusson took these photos of me in an old barn (est. 1850) during the Småland-gathering in May. I also did a small performance that Sandra Hila was kind enough to record. The quality is not the best but you are welcome to take a look.

Our vacation this year takes us to egypt. A journey full of wonders: The great pyramids, the intimidating Sphinx, the museums, temples etc. I can’t wait, hi hi hi.

Wish you all a beautiful summer. See you soon : )


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My vacation starts soon so I don’t have time to write that much about the festival me and my sister Amanda attended last weekend (9-11 July). Really not much to say. We had a nice time. Hung out with lots of sweet friends and just had a mellow weekend with awesome music.

Some of the bands that played were Deep Purple, Over the Rainbow, Saxon, Treat, Sepultura, Electric Boys, Fatal Smile, Sebastian Bach and Danger Danger.

My beautiful sister Amanda and I. There is a third cat missing, my other sister Cholla, but she is home with her little kitten Eldin.

— • —

Jürgen Blackmore.

— • —

Joe Lynn Turner, me, Amanda and Bobby Rondinelli hanging out backstage. OTR (Over The Rainbow) did a wonderful show. How about songs like Tarot Woman, Kill the King, I Surrender,
Man on the Silver Mountain, Stargazer and Long Live Rock & Roll. Can’t get any better : )

— • —

Derrick Leon Green, vocalist in Sepultura. Big guy…. isn’t he?

— • —

Me, Madde, Mimmi, Bettan, Annika & Amanda

— • —

Ann-Marie, me, Amanda & Lotta

— • —

Mimmi, Christer Lorichs, me and Amanda

— • —

My god damn glasses broke.

— • —


We stayed at a place called “Växthuset” in Söderhamn. An ecological hostel that houses a greenhouse with a café that looks like a jungle. The foundation for all their activities is the idea that the Earth should be used in a responsible manner and not used up, as it is today. Everything here is sorted and reused. Wood and sun heat the building. The sun brings heat through the greenhouse and the plants bring oxygen to the conference centre. A really neat place.

Amanda skinny dipping. It was very refreshing.Then some lying around.

— • —

To get to the festival, that was located 6 km away, we were offered to lend the greenhouse’s bikes… eeehh…very nice offer… but the idea of taking the bikes home at two in the morning in the middle of nowhere did not seem that tempting. So the hostess was sweet enough to give us a ride.

There are 18 rooms in this little building. Beds are smaller than the room (!??!)

Metalnun promo pics

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Every week I have bands and artists contacting me for new promo pics or cover art. The band photos are primarily a media promotion tool for the bands, so this is important! I pretty much coordinate the different projects and work to interpret and realize my client’s different ideas and visions. It is everything from make up, photographers, stylists and locations to the final stop at the graphic designer. Every step of the way is very important for the overall impression and to get perfect results. It doesn’t have to cost major to do this professionally.

These are some pictures we did with the band Metalnun. A swedish rock band that plays nostalgic cover songs from the 70’s to the 90’s.
They have been together for about six months and are out there to offer something a little bit extra, rather than being just a regular cover band. I have seen the ladies in other bands over the years and they really know how to rock. You can read more about them on their myspace.

Metalnun Promo pic

Metalnun are:
Vocals: Vampirella (Mia Tern) & Miss Wicca (Annika Lewin)
Bass: Eva Myrdahl • Drums: Kenneth Sundman • Guitar: Larsa Andersson • Guitar: Timo Väisänen

Annika of Metalnun

This picture of Annika is very special to me. Not only is she astonishingly beautiful but she is a wonderful human being and friend. Awesome artwork by designer Matt.

Photo: Micael Eriksson
Make up: Tallee Savage
Graphics: Mattias Savage


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Richie is a scenic artist from New York. He paints sets for movies, TV and Broadway. He also does pin-up art and paints custom motorcycles. He has done some fantastic work with digital painting in the different genres of pin-ups, such as burlesque, glamour, classic Retro, Rockabilly, Swimsuit. It is an honor to have one of my photos Fuggetized.

Thank you very much Richie!

You can see more of Richie’s work here:

Modell: Tallee Savage
Photo: Göran Magnusson
Digital Artwork: Richard Fuggetta

FLY BY NIGHT – Hot air ballooning

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Knowing that it is the oldest and most successful human-carrying flight technology did not make me that much relaxed, seeing some of the senior passengers did though. I figured they were mature and wise. If they can do it, I can. Once getting to the starting point we all helped assemble and inflate the giant balloon and lifted the big wicker basked out of the truck.

Flying over Stockholm in a hot air balloon was really a nice experience. Since the northern latitude makes the summer days so long, the twilight is extended and allows spectacular night flying. The weather was perfect as the wind took us right above the capital and its Old Town. The buildings looked like small LEGO blocks. Sunset was beautiful and Matt looked very satisfied with the birthday present that I had given him.

Landing was ok… It took about two or three hops before the balloon lost its momentum. Back on the ground there was  a celebration of the event. First time riders got baptized with champagne on the head, according to old ballooning traditions. My honorable title is “Countess of Eggeby”. We were served crackers and cheese, flight certificate and a brief history lesson about the origins of hot air ballooning and the champagne involvement.

We got home tired and exited and one experience richer : )

This balloon is the biggest in the world and has the height of an eight-storey building. The basket can carry 32 people.

— • —

PINK ??? …I didn’t want a pink balloon, I am just not the pink kind of gal… Oh well. Look how big it is though.

— • —

Flying high

— • —

Riddarholmen to the left – Old Town to the right.

— • —

Stockholm City Hall – Many politicians have their offices in this building. It is also the place for the annual Nobel prize Banquet. For a moment it looked like we were going to crash into it, but our pilot had it under control, of course.

— • —

— • —

Söder – the southern part of Stockholm. I waved to all my friends living there. Did you all see us? Big pink balloon.

— • —

Dark Ages

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Jörgen shot these photos of me and my noble knight in the mist of dawn, in the Norra Kvill national park. A small troll-forest in the county of Småland that has been untouched for ages. You can’t see the gnomes and fairies but you can certainly feel their presence here. This virgin forest has not been logged for over 150 years and some of the pines are 350 years old. A rich flora and enormous boulders covered with moss. Perfect environment for some medieval pictures.

-Click pics to enlarge-

Models: Tallee & Mattias Savage
Photo: Jörgen Lundh
Graphics: Mattias Savage

Adina 1970s Fashion

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I work with a lot of different photographers but when it comes to fashion there can only be one. When photographer Robert Milovan is behind the camera there is an essence of authority that makes you feel so self-assured and comfortable. This angle shows in all his work and I was just so amazed of how he could get little Adina here to look like she has done nothing else but modeling her whole life. To see more of Robert Milovan’s work check out his homepage and enjoy. Absolutely wonderful work. Thank you Robert, we love the pictures : )

Here is Adina in a 1970’s outfit, enjoying sun one moment and enduring rain the next on this day in May. Location is Mariannelund, Småland.

Model: Adina Savage
Photographer: Robert Milovan
Make up: Tallee Savage
Stylist: Amanda Martinez

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