Adina 1970s Fashion

I work with a lot of different photographers but when it comes to fashion there can only be one. When photographer Robert Milovan is behind the camera there is an essence of authority that makes you feel so self-assured and comfortable. This angle shows in all his work and I was just so amazed of how he could get little Adina here to look like she has done nothing else but modeling her whole life. To see more of Robert Milovan’s work check out his homepage and enjoy. Absolutely wonderful work. Thank you Robert, we love the pictures : )

Here is Adina in a 1970’s outfit, enjoying sun one moment and enduring rain the next on this day in May. Location is Mariannelund, Småland.

Model: Adina Savage
Photographer: Robert Milovan
Make up: Tallee Savage
Stylist: Amanda Martinez

7 Responses to “Adina 1970s Fashion”

  1. Aparte de ser bonita,es fotogenica,relajada para posar….y…..
    tiene a la persona que mejor que nadie y amorosamente la puede maquillar….
    Ya era hora que nuestra familia comenzara a brillar y parece que esta generacion va a ser cosa seria…..
    La tia Corina


  2. Theresa Says:

    Absolutely Gorgeous!


  3. The epitome of Hippy Chic… Good work by the photographer, as of usual…and as could be expected.
    Less successful with my blog and projects of lately, but I’m still trying…

    Last news here


  4. Murinka Says:

    Lovely pictures. I like it!! Is the model your daughter? Beautiful.

    Kram Murinka


  5. Thank you for posting these fabulous photos. I’m working on a screenplay set in the 1970s and found them really inspiring! Especially the two Polaroid shots…


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