Metalnun promo pics

Every week I have bands and artists contacting me for new promo pics or cover art. The band photos are primarily a media promotion tool for the bands, so this is important! I pretty much coordinate the different projects and work to interpret and realize my client’s different ideas and visions. It is everything from make up, photographers, stylists and locations to the final stop at the graphic designer. Every step of the way is very important for the overall impression and to get perfect results. It doesn’t have to cost major to do this professionally.

These are some pictures we did with the band Metalnun. A swedish rock band that plays nostalgic cover songs from the 70’s to the 90’s.
They have been together for about six months and are out there to offer something a little bit extra, rather than being just a regular cover band. I have seen the ladies in other bands over the years and they really know how to rock. You can read more about them on their myspace.

Metalnun Promo pic

Metalnun are:
Vocals: Vampirella (Mia Tern) & Miss Wicca (Annika Lewin)
Bass: Eva Myrdahl • Drums: Kenneth Sundman • Guitar: Larsa Andersson • Guitar: Timo Väisänen

Annika of Metalnun

This picture of Annika is very special to me. Not only is she astonishingly beautiful but she is a wonderful human being and friend. Awesome artwork by designer Matt.

Photo: Micael Eriksson
Make up: Tallee Savage
Graphics: Mattias Savage

One Response to “Metalnun promo pics”

  1. Great pics overall, and the pic of Annika is beyond divine, and yes she is beautiful, both her looks and her personality.
    And you, Tallee darling, you and your team are awesome! I´m so impressed!


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