My vacation starts soon so I don’t have time to write that much about the festival me and my sister Amanda attended last weekend (9-11 July). Really not much to say. We had a nice time. Hung out with lots of sweet friends and just had a mellow weekend with awesome music.

Some of the bands that played were Deep Purple, Over the Rainbow, Saxon, Treat, Sepultura, Electric Boys, Fatal Smile, Sebastian Bach and Danger Danger.

My beautiful sister Amanda and I. There is a third cat missing, my other sister Cholla, but she is home with her little kitten Eldin.

— • —

Jürgen Blackmore.

— • —

Joe Lynn Turner, me, Amanda and Bobby Rondinelli hanging out backstage. OTR (Over The Rainbow) did a wonderful show. How about songs like Tarot Woman, Kill the King, I Surrender,
Man on the Silver Mountain, Stargazer and Long Live Rock & Roll. Can’t get any better : )

— • —

Derrick Leon Green, vocalist in Sepultura. Big guy…. isn’t he?

— • —

Me, Madde, Mimmi, Bettan, Annika & Amanda

— • —

Ann-Marie, me, Amanda & Lotta

— • —

Mimmi, Christer Lorichs, me and Amanda

— • —

My god damn glasses broke.

— • —


We stayed at a place called “Växthuset” in Söderhamn. An ecological hostel that houses a greenhouse with a café that looks like a jungle. The foundation for all their activities is the idea that the Earth should be used in a responsible manner and not used up, as it is today. Everything here is sorted and reused. Wood and sun heat the building. The sun brings heat through the greenhouse and the plants bring oxygen to the conference centre. A really neat place.

Amanda skinny dipping. It was very refreshing.Then some lying around.

— • —

To get to the festival, that was located 6 km away, we were offered to lend the greenhouse’s bikes… eeehh…very nice offer… but the idea of taking the bikes home at two in the morning in the middle of nowhere did not seem that tempting. So the hostess was sweet enough to give us a ride.

There are 18 rooms in this little building. Beds are smaller than the room (!??!)

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