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Day of the Dead – (Dia de los Muertos)

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From October 31st through November 2nd a number of festivals, holidays and solemnities take place, all loosely related and revolving around remembrance of the dead.

From the beginning of time, man has felt the need to explain the mystery of life and death. Many civilizations and cultures have created rituals to try to give meaning to human existence. To the indigenous people of Mexico, death was considered the passage to a new life and so the deceased were buried with many of their personal objects, which they would need on their next stop. Day of the Dead is not as morbid as it may sound, it is actually a beautiful ritual in which Mexicans happily and lovingly remember their loved relatives that have died.  In practical terms, it is also an opportunity for families to give annual maintenance to love ones and make the grave sites a blooming and beautiful place.

The souls are said to return each year to enjoy the pleasures that they once had in life. Isn’t that marvellous?

Make Up & Model: Tallee Savage
Photo: Göran Magnussson
Graphics: Mattias Savage Wilmenius

Mats & Lotta

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I had the pleasure of attending the wedding of my two dear friends Mats Levén and Lotta Fischer at the Maria Magdalena Church on the 4:th of September.

Lotta was adorable in her beautiful dress, and I thought her make up and hair were gorgeous. I believe that is thanks to our friends Annelie and Ann-Marie. Mats also looked very handsome.
The party took place at Tvålpalatset, a very nice place in Stockholm. Had a fun, fun evening with a lot of good friends. Great vegetarian food for Talita (that’s me) and the others that don’t eat meat. A little bit of dancing and a whole lot of love, love, LOVE!

Thank you for a spectacular and beautiful day, evening and night.

Love you both!

The beautiful bride and groom

Husband and wife.  :)

— • —

Fizzy and Tallee   –   Matt and I with the newly weds

— • —

Mats, Snowy Shaw and Lotta   –   Mattias and I

— • —

— • —

Me and the two Fredriks – Thomander and Åkesson   –   Leif Edling and Tony

— • —

My sis Amanda, Jompa and Matt   –   Chris Laney and Pontus Egberg

— • —

Fredrik, Fredrik & Peter Rooth  –  Anna-Maria Pennheim – Skinny – Camilla Wikner

— • —

Mats and Jejo shaking loose   –   Whole lotta Lotta

— • —

Mölndal’s Disco King Mats and Jompa Borger   –   Andy Christell & Ann-Marie Söderbladh

— • —

ooh yeah,.. I got such a freakin’ cool  birthday present from my friend and hairstylist Ann-Marie. It  is a camé brooch, but not in the traditional design. This has a skeleton on instead. I really, really like it. Thank you so very much Ann-Marie   : )


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Lena Neogard Thomander is a beautiful woman and an adorable person as you can see. Also a very talented and cool drummer to add to it.

Lena is mostly known for her three years as a member of “The Railers”  from the TV-show “På Spåret”. She has played or toured with numerous swedish artists such as Markoolio, Charlotte Perrelli, Nanne Grönvall, Anne-Lie Rydé  and Lady B Goode.

The tour with Nanne Grönvall continues this fall and goes on until christmas with the last show in Båstad. She is also a member of The Moneypennies and Country Rox and is just about to take part in a family entertainment show on Swedish television.

This is the work we did with her for her promo pics. We have plans to work again soon.

Make up: Tallee Savage
Photo: Steff Granström
Wardrobe: Amanda Martinez, Independent Kostym
Graphic designer: Mattias Savage Wilmenius


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This week, Aftonbladet (a Swedish newspaper) revealed the news about a unique project called “Sweden United”. This is a  collaboration between various rock artists like Meshuggah, Dead By April, Nightwish, Soilwork, Scarpoint, Clawfinger, Lillasyster, Evergrey, Pain and Hypocrisy. The idea came from Scarpoint’s drummer Erik Thyselius. He was reading an article about a boy in third grade that had been bullied and physically abused, and project “Sweden United” was born.

Read the article >>>

All the money generated from this song will go to anti-bulliying organisations. The single “Open your Eyes” hits the stores on October 11th but you can already listen to it here… and then buy the single of course. A great cause and a very good song too. It’s hard to close your eyes when you know these kind of things happen every day. Kids can be very cruel and so can adults, but when this goes on in school where you think children are safe, well it is just very, very sad and heartbreaking : (  And no one should be ignorant about the reality of the matter, that there is a lot of abuse going on out there. Everything from name calling to harassment and bodily harm. The latest is bullying through your cellular. This is such a big problem that many schools have prohibited Cellular phones.

Below is a photo session we did here at Savage Studios with Scarpoint. Also check out the video at the bottom of the post.

Make Up: Tallee Savage
Photo: JenHell
Art designer: JenHell & Mattias Savage Wilmenius

— • —


Watch the making-of video of the making and interviews and listen to the song “Open your Eyes”. Awesome chorus line!


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What a week!  I started off with a cold from hell and now my head feels like it is filled with cotton. I am blessed with good health and I very rarely get sick, my last cold was probably two years ago. So yes, unaccustomed to this, I do feel a little bit sorry for myself. I haven’t been to the gym in over a week, and for that I punish myself with some extra chocolates. Can’t stay in bed and relax either, because the house is starting to look like a war zone. The kids teachers, doctors and so on also claim their important time. PDA meetings, hockey practice, ADD follow ups. and such things. Besides I am working as a temp this week on Flodell Film, which is a production company for commercials and films here in Stockholm.

But in the middle of this chaos joyful things happen. Things that make me happy and that relieves stress. Little things like feeling the great energy just by cleaning of my working desk at home. Empty it completely and just keep what really matters. Create a fresh start. Another positive and wonderful thing is seeing your kids develop nicely into their own little selves.

Let me see…  what else?… Oh yes a very drastic but not so unexpected idea came up. To set up a photo studio in our home and to buy the camera of my dreams. I will tell you more about it later. But this is a step towards a new and wider career, or whatever one may call it.

Beside from the Swedish election that is just around the corner, we have been to a beautiful wedding and to some nostalgic concerts. I have to check if I have any good pictures from the events to show.

But for now I would like to leave you with a project I wanted to do with my daughter Elizia. Photos are taken by my good friend Jen and Matt got the graphics to rock’n’roll.

This is a different kind of angel, just like Elizia.

Model: Elizia Savage
Photo: JenHell
Graphics: Mattias Savage


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The 12 of May was the release of Jade Jagger’s collection in collaboration with Indiska. The blouse and scarf that I am wearing sold out one hour after it hit the stores. I am not much of a “label freak” at all, but this blouse and scarf are very beautiful, decorative and bohemian. So it bugged me that it had already sold out everywhere. As I was leaving the store a lady returned her blouse because of the wrong size : ) One woman’s sorrow another woman’s happiness… right?

Photo by JenHell

Daniel Scissorhands

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I don’t know how many of you have seen the movie Edward Scissorhands from 1990. How life can be in a society which is so uniform, complacent and unimaginative that it is unable to cope with someone or something different.

The story is about a gentle inventor (Vincent Price) who dies before he is able to give Edward (Johnny Depp) his hands. Edward is left with only scissors for hands and living alone in a gothic mansion. In contrast to this, the town at the foot of the hill is a 50’s-60’s pastel suburbia. Edward is an innocent young man greatly gifted with a beautiful heart and he adores the young teenage girl Kim (Winona Ryder).

The movie is directed by one of my favorite directors, Tim Burton. The members of this team all love the movie and most highly recommend it. Therefore we thought we’d do our own little Edward Scissorhands tribute.

Daniel was of course the perfect choice for Edward. He easily gets into a role and is very open-minded about my ideas. Adina is my daughter, only 13 years old and very happy to portray Winona Ryder’s charachter as Kim, as she thinks Daniel is soooo cute : )

Now about the preparations for this shoot:  Edward’s costume is made from scratch by my sister Amanda and can now be found at Independent Kostym. It took her a long time to get this together with the belts, buttons and all. I think this is such a great kick-ass achievement, it left me stoked.

Adina’s white dress can also be found at Independent Kostym in Stockholm. Dress, shoes, hair and make up are drifting between 1950s and 1960s.

Edwards make up and hair is as close as I could get to the original. I had to put wax on his eyebrows to hide them. Scars are also made with wax and eye shadow to achieve depth and a realistic look.

Photographer JenHell did the shoot and graphic designer Mattias added the final finish with his artwork to make the surroundings lift the session to the fantasy level we were striving for.

I am so happy to show you these pictures because I like them sooo much and we all really worked our butts off to get this together.

-Click pics to enlarge-

— • —


Models: Daniel & Adina Savage
Make up & hair: Tallee Savage
Costume & styling: Amanda Martinez, Independent Kostym
Photo: JenHell
Graphic artwork: Mattias Savage Wilmenius


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