This week, Aftonbladet (a Swedish newspaper) revealed the news about a unique project called “Sweden United”. This is a  collaboration between various rock artists like Meshuggah, Dead By April, Nightwish, Soilwork, Scarpoint, Clawfinger, Lillasyster, Evergrey, Pain and Hypocrisy. The idea came from Scarpoint’s drummer Erik Thyselius. He was reading an article about a boy in third grade that had been bullied and physically abused, and project “Sweden United” was born.

Read the article >>>

All the money generated from this song will go to anti-bulliying organisations. The single “Open your Eyes” hits the stores on October 11th but you can already listen to it here… and then buy the single of course. A great cause and a very good song too. It’s hard to close your eyes when you know these kind of things happen every day. Kids can be very cruel and so can adults, but when this goes on in school where you think children are safe, well it is just very, very sad and heartbreaking : (  And no one should be ignorant about the reality of the matter, that there is a lot of abuse going on out there. Everything from name calling to harassment and bodily harm. The latest is bullying through your cellular. This is such a big problem that many schools have prohibited Cellular phones.

Below is a photo session we did here at Savage Studios with Scarpoint. Also check out the video at the bottom of the post.

Make Up: Tallee Savage
Photo: JenHell
Art designer: JenHell & Mattias Savage Wilmenius

— • —


Watch the making-of video of the making and interviews and listen to the song “Open your Eyes”. Awesome chorus line!

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