Mats & Lotta

I had the pleasure of attending the wedding of my two dear friends Mats Levén and Lotta Fischer at the Maria Magdalena Church on the 4:th of September.

Lotta was adorable in her beautiful dress, and I thought her make up and hair were gorgeous. I believe that is thanks to our friends Annelie and Ann-Marie. Mats also looked very handsome.
The party took place at Tvålpalatset, a very nice place in Stockholm. Had a fun, fun evening with a lot of good friends. Great vegetarian food for Talita (that’s me) and the others that don’t eat meat. A little bit of dancing and a whole lot of love, love, LOVE!

Thank you for a spectacular and beautiful day, evening and night.

Love you both!

The beautiful bride and groom

Husband and wife.  :)

— • —

Fizzy and Tallee   –   Matt and I with the newly weds

— • —

Mats, Snowy Shaw and Lotta   –   Mattias and I

— • —

— • —

Me and the two Fredriks – Thomander and Åkesson   –   Leif Edling and Tony

— • —

My sis Amanda, Jompa and Matt   –   Chris Laney and Pontus Egberg

— • —

Fredrik, Fredrik & Peter Rooth  –  Anna-Maria Pennheim – Skinny – Camilla Wikner

— • —

Mats and Jejo shaking loose   –   Whole lotta Lotta

— • —

Mölndal’s Disco King Mats and Jompa Borger   –   Andy Christell & Ann-Marie Söderbladh

— • —

ooh yeah,.. I got such a freakin’ cool  birthday present from my friend and hairstylist Ann-Marie. It  is a camé brooch, but not in the traditional design. This has a skeleton on instead. I really, really like it. Thank you so very much Ann-Marie   : )

2 Responses to “Mats & Lotta”

  1. ohhhhhh i didn’t know dear & beloved Mats got married????????!!!!!!!!!!!!
    it’s so sad……:'(….snif snif…..hahaha….well i’m married too…but anyway Mats is still my ‘astral sexy boy’
    so please say him hello from Azhar………….
    by the way: really good images, my husband really like them…mmmmmmm :/…
    ouch what a lucky lotta….damn it! sorry its a joke…..i will keep breathing what a surprise
    greetins from mexico!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


    • Ha ha ha Hola Azhar! Como estas? How nice to get a message all the way from Mexico.

      Glad you like the images. Yes, Mats is now off limits ; ) They are both lucky to have each other and very much inlove <3
      I will make sure to say hello from you.

      Take care and Rock on!



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