Day of the Dead – (Dia de los Muertos)

From October 31st through November 2nd a number of festivals, holidays and solemnities take place, all loosely related and revolving around remembrance of the dead.

From the beginning of time, man has felt the need to explain the mystery of life and death. Many civilizations and cultures have created rituals to try to give meaning to human existence. To the indigenous people of Mexico, death was considered the passage to a new life and so the deceased were buried with many of their personal objects, which they would need on their next stop. Day of the Dead is not as morbid as it may sound, it is actually a beautiful ritual in which Mexicans happily and lovingly remember their loved relatives that have died.  In practical terms, it is also an opportunity for families to give annual maintenance to love ones and make the grave sites a blooming and beautiful place.

The souls are said to return each year to enjoy the pleasures that they once had in life. Isn’t that marvellous?

Make Up & Model: Tallee Savage
Photo: Göran Magnussson
Graphics: Mattias Savage Wilmenius

9 Responses to “Day of the Dead – (Dia de los Muertos)”

  1. Absolutely Awesome!


  2. så kreativt!! top 10!


  3. Hi Tallee, this is (again!) a great job, I really like what you’ve done here. I also like the pics you put next to yours, kinda remind me of cartoons. Which leads me to that point: your website’s layout is absolutely awesome! If I understood well, your husband is working on it? Is it long to build up a website like yours? I’m thinking about creating mine as soon as I’ll have enough pics to share…


  4. I “Sjunde Inseglet” spelas det schack med döden, men är det bara jag som undrar om Mattias hade sex med döden denna dag? :o)


  5. Tack Wikki!

    Coraline: Yes you are absolutely right. Take a while to get the website going. Layout, picture and so on. Matt does a wonderful job.

    Micke: ; )


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