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Melody Club

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I had the privilege of doing the make up for Melody Club’s official press photos.

The band has currently rejoined with their original drummer Richard Ankers who did appeared on the bands two first albums “Music Machine” and “Face the Music”

The word is that they will take part in the Eurovision song contest 2011.

Band members: Kristofer Östergren (vocals), Erik Stenemo (guitar), Niclas Stenemo (bass), Jon Axelsson (synthesizer), Rickard Ankers (drums)

Photo: JenHell, assistant: Robert Milovan
Behind the scene pics: Robert Milovan
Make up: Tallee (me)

Melody Clubs home page HERE>>>


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For me, doing this nude shoot was to try a new experience. In an industry where youth is revered, I decided at the age of 44, that I wanted to have at least one Fine Art Nude in my portfolio. Very aware of the different reactions I may get, and the lack of acceptance and mixed emotions for this art form from many different kinds of people, I decided I do want to publish them on my blog, because I really like them and I feel the photos are tastefully captured.

Fine art nude is about the human body in a nude form. I don’t mean for them to be erotic but purely to emphasize the beauty and accentuation and flow of the body and its physique and form. The photographers and my way of glorifying the womans body and sensuality.

To the depict the human body is one of the most appreciated, yet feared, forms of art. It is burned into our minds to just be chocked at the mere sight of  bare skin and naked shapes, yet this is art form is something that has been practiced for ages, since woman posed for ancient painters or men sculpting in stone. Still, of course, I ponder how my relatives and close friends on the other side of the pond and here in Sweden will react when they see these pictures. Hopefully you/they will like the photos though : )

When it comes to my children, I think they will understand the difference between nude and nude, and the way I’m thinking in these particular photos. I also think it is exceptionally sad when young children are taught to think that nudity is in any way something to be ashamed of. I don´t feel like installing guilt, self-hatred or sexual backwardness into my kids. So, prudish I am not! On the other hand I feel it is extremely sad when young girls display their half nude bodies with no taste or no consideration of how they will feel about this in the future or the consequences of putting something on the internet. I talk a lot about the importance of that to my children.

Now… further on the subject. For some, Fine art nude and Glamour photos are separated by a very thin line, but for me and many others the distance between the two is vast. Glamour has a different intention for the viewer. Its intention is in general to represent sexy and alluring images of the female. The light, colours, composition, retouch and poses are different. Glamour is what we refer to when we see a Playboy magazine. I don’t have any problems with glamour photos, but just for the “know-how”, I do want to state the difference, and point out that these pics of me here are not in the same category. A healthy part of it, also, is the fact that Fine art nude comes in all different sizes, shapes and in various positions and states of emotion and, unfortunately, Glamour photos does not.

Anyway, hope you like them : )


Model & Make Up: Tallee Savage
Photo: Göran Magnusson
Graphics: Mattias Savage Wilmenius

Mannequin Lisa goes 60s

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Photographer JenHell has a soft spot for the sixties. One of her favorite photographers is Sam Haskins. Who is best known for his contribution to nude photography and his photo books from the 60s.
I was there to help out with the make up.

Model: mannequin Lisa
Photographer: JenHell
Make up: Tallee Savage

The black & white photo is an inspiration pic from photographer Sam Haskins.

Jägermeister Light

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Lots of fun to just screw around with the light sometimes. I took these photos by an orange light on the Jägermeister stage in the backstage area at the Sweden Rock Festival, he he he he ho ho ho

In the pictures are: Pasi, Amanda, Matt, me, Bumbi, Nippe, Jompa, Hanna, Matt (again) and David.

69 days in a hole

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What a day it must have been for the 33 Chilean miners at the San José mine in Copiapo, Chile, when they finally saw the light of day after 69 days trapped 630 m under ground. I have followed the rescue all day on CNN. These men have endured extreme heat, high humidity, anxiety conditions and darkness since the collapse of tons of earth sealed off the mine exits more than two months ago. How lucky these men are to be living in these times and not some decades ago, as they had to rely on numbers of technologies to be kept alive. Drilling straight down all those kilometers must have been tricky business to say the least.

Can’t help thinking of the claustrophobic feeling they must have felt down there, and in the small cage going up, but on the other hand, I would think that miners are well-accustomed to extreme conditions that might make many of us despair.

Today you could follow how this specially built capsule is sent to the deep area and the men are pulled out one by one. The feeling of that any minute being able to breath fresh air and see their love ones must have been extraordinarily amazing. In Chile everything was closed and everybody wanted to watch and give their mental support to the miners. This potential major tragedy became a verified blessing with a miraculous rescue for my Chilean compatriots.

Take a look at these photos:

Happy Ending!


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This is the first photo session I have done as a photographer in a studio. They are taken in Mariannelund during the Småland gathering no IV on october 1st. I have taken a lot of live photos at concerts in the past, but nothing in a studio. In my possession I have a new camera, namely a Nikon D3 with Nikon 24-50 lens, two Elinchrome D-lite 400 studio flashes, and more to come. To go with this I have three amazing good friends who are magnificent photographers to help me get started: Jörgen Lundh, Göran Magnusson and JenHell <3

I would like to thank Boel for being such a good sport and having patience with my styling of hair and make up, and Jörgen Lundh for being so kind and assisting me with the light. And last but not least Matt for creating such a suiting style with his graphic skills.

Hope you all like them cuz I’m on a roll here ; )

Photo: Tallee Savage
Styling, make up & hair: Tallee Savage
Graphics: Mattias Savage Wilmenius


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I was contacted to do the make up for Lisa’s promo pics for her homepage “Poker for girls“, a site she put together to inspire more girls to play poker. She has played for five years and the plan is to go fulltime with this.  If you’re interested in poker, you can sign up to learn more in her poker school and get tips from the pro’s. It does not cost anything to sign up and it is a great way to keep in touch with other people with the same interests. Everybody is welcome, from beginners to professionals.

Make up: Tallee Savage
Photographer: Tobias Fischer

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