California Jam

I must have watched this concert on video about a couple of hundred times. Everytime I find it an exhilarating experience and think about how magnificent it must have been to have been there to see Deep Purple’s (Mk3) “California Jam” from April 6th, 1974. The festival was in Ontario and attracted 400,000 happy fans.

I love the distinctive funky edge that Glenn and Mr Coverdale blend in. They worked so good together. And Wow… Ritchie Blackmore blowing up the stage is priceless, but Glenn Hughes’ charismatic stage presence and wonderful voice is what has made my heart and head spin for a couple of decades now. The musicianship and charisma are unrivaled, and also I could never get that white bell-bottom suit that he wore out of my mind.

So you could pretty much say he inspired me for this photo session I did with photographer Göran Magnusson.



white-suite6 white-suite7

white-suite9 white-suite8

Unfortunately I never did see the set up with Glenn in Deep Purple, but I did see him in concert with former Pat Travers guitarist Pat Thrall in the duo Hughes/Thrall in L.A back in 1983 : )

Ooooh you must take a couple of minutes to see this. Deep Purples “Burn” from Carlifornia Jam.

15 Responses to “California Jam”

  1. Hey Tallee….love this “Burn” video…the guitar sound is the one i prefer!100% Fender+Marshall!;) I saw Glenn live on past May, and his voice is still incredible!:-O
    Love your pics with big sunglasses….you are like the “bad girl of rock’n’roll”! yeah!LOL!:-) and love your black and white clothes!:)
    U ROCK! big kiss


  2. You and your BELL BOTTOMS…ha ha ha Incredible pic of the KICK!


  3. I love this pics Tallee! Looks really good :)


  4. I think Deep Purple might have drawn even bigger crowds if this woman had been handy on the bass as well…!


  5. Bigsurf27 Says:

    I still live 25 minutes from the Cal Jam site in Ontario (it’s a shopping center now) and I was there in 74′. Great show and I’m still a fan of DP (that’s Deep Purple you dirty minded individuals) you look amazing in your photos and had you been there I think Ritchie’s pyro technics may have paled in comparison. Keep rockin’..Dave


  6. j.s.westerman Says:

    Well I love the vid, it’s really like the “vintage” deep purple, like with how Blackmore played. Love it, its awesome. And the pics are gorgeous, really, it’s better than any model girl i’ve ever seen :P Well big kiss from me :P


  7. Hey Talle,

    Great pics and I really enjoyed Burn Live, as I am a big “Purple” fan as well as a Glenn Hughes fan. Glenn’s white jacket didn’t quite open up as much as yours, but I can see how he inspired you. Keep up the modeling it was done all in good taste. I’ll leave it at that.



  8. Great music, great band = Great photo session!!

    Vivi :)


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