69 days in a hole

What a day it must have been for the 33 Chilean miners at the San José mine in Copiapo, Chile, when they finally saw the light of day after 69 days trapped 630 m under ground. I have followed the rescue all day on CNN. These men have endured extreme heat, high humidity, anxiety conditions and darkness since the collapse of tons of earth sealed off the mine exits more than two months ago. How lucky these men are to be living in these times and not some decades ago, as they had to rely on numbers of technologies to be kept alive. Drilling straight down all those kilometers must have been tricky business to say the least.

Can’t help thinking of the claustrophobic feeling they must have felt down there, and in the small cage going up, but on the other hand, I would think that miners are well-accustomed to extreme conditions that might make many of us despair.

Today you could follow how this specially built capsule is sent to the deep area and the men are pulled out one by one. The feeling of that any minute being able to breath fresh air and see their love ones must have been extraordinarily amazing. In Chile everything was closed and everybody wanted to watch and give their mental support to the miners. This potential major tragedy became a verified blessing with a miraculous rescue for my Chilean compatriots.

Take a look at these photos: http://www.boston.com/bigpicture/2010/10/rescued_from_a_chilean_mine.html?camp=localsearch%3Aon%3Atwit%3Artbutton

Happy Ending!

2 Responses to “69 days in a hole”

  1. I have been following the story every day, with a student of mine. It was the first current event that we read, before the rest. Today, was an exceptional day as I had good news to deliver. :) Started watching the start of the rescue yesterday evening with my parents, came home watched more, woke up in the am at 5am and watched more as they were on their 12th miner, just home from school now and watching television, just raised the 28th miner, a few left and I am watching every minute with TEARS OF JOY!
    Along with the rest of the world, God is with each and everyone of those miners and their families!
    Praying the good work continues, until the very last one rises.


  2. This whole thing is just so unbelievable. Everything from the accident, the fact that everyone survived, the horror before they had any contact with anyone, being down there for so long, the amazing technology that made the rescue possible, and now the reunion with their families. Hollywood couldn´t have written a better screenplay so I guess it´s only a matter of time until we see this movie. :-)
    Also kinda fascinated by the drama within the drama – the two ladies waiting with a picture of the same man, both presenting themselves as his wife… Uh ooh…


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