Melody Club

I had the privilege of doing the make up for Melody Club’s official press photos.

The band has currently rejoined with their original drummer Richard Ankers who did appeared on the bands two first albums “Music Machine” and “Face the Music”

The word is that they will take part in the Eurovision song contest 2011.

Band members: Kristofer Östergren (vocals), Erik Stenemo (guitar), Niclas Stenemo (bass), Jon Axelsson (synthesizer), Rickard Ankers (drums)

Photo: JenHell, assistant: Robert Milovan
Behind the scene pics: Robert Milovan
Make up: Tallee (me)

Melody Clubs home page HERE>>>

6 Responses to “Melody Club”

  1. Häftigt! Bilden blev kalasbra dessutom.


  2. Så snyggt! BRA jobbat!


  3. Anonymous Says:

    talita…me encanta ver lo concentrada que te pones cuando estas maquillando….
    Me impresiona ademas porque pareces tener gran actividad, mucho movimientoY por lo
    que esctibes y la constancia de tus cronicas, queda claro que esto es definitivamente tu pasion….


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