Here I am reading the new Sweden Rock Magazine. A little irritated that the pages have such small text, which reminds me of the fact that my eyes are starting to need glasses. I still managed to read a lot of interesting articles. Just finished with Opeth’s Michael Åkerfeldt’s chronicle about album rarities. I like the way he writes. It’s wicked and quirky!

Anyway, this November edition with Ozzy’s grinning face on the cover of the magazine was a little extra special to me… Exclusively featuring Sweden’s sleaze rockers Hardcore Superstar’s new single, with songs “Moonshine” and “Guestlist”… And it happens to be my big mouth on the cover of the single : )
Photo by: Michael Johansson

Want a copy? It can be bought here >>>

Hardcore Superstar’s album “Split your lip” was just released on November 26th. I am just listening to it, and through half the album I have to say it is sounding pretty awesome. Recollecting and smiling about the fact that these past weeks my I-pod has been kept warm with tunes from only swedish high quality bands such as: Opeth, Corroded, Deathstars, Hardcore Superstar, Kamchatka etc.

More information:

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