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Savage X-mas

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Being a tricultural or mixed child has made me very aware and thankful of the values and perceptions of different cultures. Never did I experience or have a conflict with the feeling of not “fitting in” during my childhood. I have felt Chile, U.S.A and Sweden all to be my homes. I often think about this. What this has meant to me as person, my way of thinking and seeing things. During christmas this thought is very vivid.

Today my house is very quiet, but from christmas eve until yesterday we had 20 people in our home for three days. Swedes, americans and chileans. A sweet mixture of languages, music, food and traditions. The same topic across the table changes from spanish to swedish and back in one second. The conversation to my left is about CIA’s assassination of commander Che Guevara and his guerillas in Bolivia and to my right I vividly join in to discuss the complaints about muslims. My statement is this; There are extremists in every political ideology and religion, that believe violence is the answer,  but they don´t account for everyone who share those beliefs. All this bullshit and bad talk about muslims…. I believe this counts for poor and discriminatory education. Anyway, across the table the conversation is “lighter”. Whitesnake is coming back to Sweden Rock Festival… again this summer. Some of my guests feels that David Coverdale’s voice is not what it used to be and therefore should not be welcome back to the festival. Oh boy…I must have a soft heart…Mr Coverdale is always welcome : )

Table is filled with food as usual when my stepdad Joaquin is involved. Generosity himself! A sweet mix from all the corners of the world and more extraordinary is that 70% is vegetarian food, because both my sisters and I decided to not eat animals a few decades back. A swedish christmas CD spreads the mood for an hour and then everyone gathers in front of the TV to enjoy a full Live sold out concert from OPETH’s 25-anniversary tour on Royal Albert Hall in England. Guitarist Fredrik is family to me, and is of course pleased with the choice of TV entertainment.

How was your christmas?

Pictures are taken in my livingroom by fashion photographer Robert Milovan. Assisting him was Michaela Zetterström. Editing by Mattias Wilmenius.

Some published work

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Me modelling in the magazine Cinema. The ad is for Independent Kostym one of the largest costume warehouses in Scandinavia. They have every fantastic unique creation you might be looking for to rent for theater, photos, film, commercial, masquerade and private parties.

Photo: Göran Magnusson – Styling: Amanda Martinez
Hair: Sarahmaria Ahrenius – Graphics: Mattias Wilmenius

— • —

Adina Savage on the poster for The Swedish Championships of Make up.
A competition in Stockholm held by SHR (Sveriges Hudterapeuters Riksorganisation = The Swedish Skin Therapist’s Association). The theme this year was princess wedding.
Photo: JenHell – Make up: Tallee Savage
Syling: Amanda Martinez – Graphics: Mattias Wilmenius

Rosetta modelling for the cover of swedish magazine nolltvå. – Photo: Ryan Garrison

Latex Purple Fashion

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I got this purple latex dress in L.A over a year ago. It is not a garment you would use continuously of course but I  must say it is extremely comfortable and I definitely wanted to perpetuate it while I still can get inside it. Photographer Göran Magnusson and I had a blast of laughter about my different ways of striking that pose which left me with aching muscles for days.

Thank you Matt for being so helpful with the bumper shine ; ) and thanks to hair stylist Sarah Maria for making my hair grow so long in one hour.

-Click pics to enlarge-

Photo: Göran Magnusson
Hair: Sara Maria A
Graphics: Mattias Wilmenius
Make Up: Tallee Savage

Liquorice and Latex

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A photo session I did the make up on, with photographer JenHell and model Sister Sinister usually end up just the way it was intended too. Only thing we did not count on was how much liquorice we were going to consume in our tummies today Yummy -Yummy  :D

I hope you find this delicious!

Model: Sister Sinister
Photo: JenHell
Make Up: Tallee Savage

The.Blacklist@Café Opera

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It is cold in Sweden right now. You can either sit home in front of the fireplace and sip hot chocolate OR go to a club and get warm together with some good friends, chill with a cold one and listen to some ass-kicking rock ‘n’ roll.

The Blacklist is a fine rock club that appears on different locations and is run by Jonas Danielsson, a good friend of ours. Here are some of the pictures I took those nights.


November 6th, Bonafide (Pontus Snibb) was on the menu. Good old school heavy rock ‘n’ roll. A couple of weeks later Pontus’ sweetheart Mia Coldheart,  frontwoman and guitar player of Crucified Barbara did us the honor.

Beautiful Mia Coldheart of Crucified Barbara. I have seen them live many times. Love them every time. Hope to do a project with them soon  :)

Crucified Barbara’s website:

The Scams (Daniel Kvist) also played on December 2 –  My husband Matt and I just enjoying the evening at the posh bar and restaurant Café Opera in center Stockholm.

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