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Savage Beauty – Make Up & Photographic Art

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We are finally ready with my new webpage.  Matt, my hubby, has had a lot of patience and has done a fantastic job with the graphics and layout.

What is new is the fact that I picked up photography again and will try to get people, artists and models to take their pictures with us. To create photos unlike the images you would receive in a traditional portrait studio.

Under “Photographic Art” you can see different categorie and below that I also listed more specific ideas on what  you can do with us:

So anyone that knows anybody that might be interested in nice photos as a gift, memory, for their homepage, blog or work etc.
I am pretty much aiming for the whole spectra. Make up • Photo • Graphic Art

Get in touch with me

Jens Kask – remembering an amazing friend

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• Visiting Disneyland in the summer of 1989.

I just got a call from my ex Fredrik, telling me that a mutual friend of ours passed away yesterday (sunday).

I was 10, had just moved to Sweden. Jens was in the same class as me. A sweet boy. Very funny, strong and really cute. He had a charismatic personality and a strong body with very energetic legs. in every sport he did, he managed well. I imagine his good physical condition was what saved him that fateful day when Jens and his friends decided to climb on top of a parked electrical commuter train resulting in 16 000 volts of electricity passing through his tiny body. Doctors gave him 2% chance of surviving. Jens lost both his legs and burned large parts of his body. It took two whole years before he had recovered enough to leave the hospital.

He was 10 years old when this happened. It is hard for an adult to understand when tragic things like this happen. My mom, teacher’s reactions… so sad and chocked. For us kids…trying to comprehend something like this …  it was just so very unreal.

But Jens did survive,  I met him many years after the accident. We were about 17 and we became friends again instantly.  Jens was exactly the way I remember him as a kid. Happy, funny, strong personality and very sweet. Our main common interest was rock music. He had introduced the group The Sweet to me back in 1976 and in the 80s hard rock was bigger than ever. Concerts every week and new albums on vinyl out every month. So we went to concerts together and discussed music and just hung out over the years.

• I took this picture of Steve Harris and Jens backstage at an Iron Maiden concert Nov 2 – 1984
• The picture of us is during a Krux concert at Harry B James club – Jan 29 – 2009

Jens has been involved in disability sports since the accident, he has participated in swimming, athletics, sitting volleyball and sledge hockey, where he enjoyed his greatest success, including as captain of the Swedish Olympic team. He has won one Paralympic gold medal and two bronze. During the opening ceremony in Vancouver, it was Jens who carried the flag for Sweden. It was his eighth Paralympic Games, five winter and three summer. None of this came as surprise to people. That was just the way he was. A fighter and a winner all the way through.

Yesterday he suffered a heart attack and passed away. Just like that, he is gone : ( And all we have are memories and laughs. Realizing that I had the privilege of knowing one hell of a guy. He will be missed.

My condolences to his brother Marcus, his little daughter Tyra and the rest of his family.


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This is work from an artist from Västerås called Garip Jensen. He came down to Stockholm to photograph two models. Lina Backlund and Mary Mayhem. Photo shoot took place in our studio and I did the make up. My sister, stylist Amanda, had thoroughly picked out the outfits for the occasion, from Independent Kostym. Not much to say here besides that Garip was a really nice guy to work with and I look forward to see his finished work on these digital visualizations.  It’s best for Garip himself to explain his art. Read below!

The result of my digital visualizations is part of a process to create the art I really want to see. They are, as I see it,  idea sketches of what I can see as a big “classical” oil painting in the end – reference materials to my painting. They are not finished until its time for an exhibition about five years from now somewhere suitable, probably in America, France or England… Time will tell. When its time to create the original painting I choose one of the best sketches (in my opinion of course) or maybe I create a combination of several sketches, and as always I change details until I’m totally satisfied with the result.

The way I express myself in paintings now is a result of many decisions along the way that’s all part of who I am or what I am more or less. Its passion, fantasy, beauty in several ways, and lots of contrasts that I love to play with.  I’m longing for the result of the big exhibition and I hope to see you there when its time :)

Garip Jensen  //

Model: Mary Mayhem

Model: Lina Backlund

1940s & 1950s Undergarment

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The Second World War had a major impact on clothing and undergarment. The first appearance of the panty-girdle and bullet bra in the 40’s appealed to both patriotism and protection and had a major impact on military women.  In the 1950’s, glamour became important to women as they had been deprived of this throughout the Second World War. Panty-girdles and bullet bras were essential garments and a definitive part of 40’s and 50’s culture and rose to popularity when worn by many Hollywood stars like Marilyn Monroe and Lana Turner. Although the bullet bra accentuated bust line and woman’s curves and assets, the girdle created a rigid, controlled figure that was seen respectable and modest.

These pictures of me are taken by photographer Göran Magnusson and edited by graphic designer Mattias Wilmenius. Clothes are from Independent Kostym.

Not only our mothers wore these formidable panty girdles. The trend goes back further as the girdles were considered essential garments by many women from about 1920 to the late 1960’s. Don’t you just love this photo?

New Year’s Eve 2010 / 2011

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Say goodbye to 2010 and welcome a brand new year 2011. We have a tradition of inviting our friends over to our home on New Year’s Eve. This year however we gladly accepted the invitation of our friends Thomas and Maria Emblad who lives in a magnificent house just south of Stockholm, because to me, it really doesn’t matter where you whoop it up, as long as you ring in the new year with loved ones. About 40 people were invited and half of them were new acquaintances for me. It is nice to meet new people and to hear their perception on life. Our hosts really outdid themselves with a great dinner and dessert. It was absolutely delicious; marinated quorn filé with potato gratin and strawberry pie, m m m m mmm!

This picture is taken in our home with my son Tim on New Years Eve just before we left to our friend’s party. Soon Tim returns to his work in Portugal. I will miss him dearly  : (
— • —

My sister Amanda and her love Björne. We are all watching the dazzling fireworks out by the lake.
— • —

My hubby Matt <3   ……………………………………………. Mats Levén & Matt
— • —

With Janine   …………………………………… My dear friend Lotta and Marcus
— • —

My sister Amanda and I. Pic out of focus… but I like it anyway. And Thomas and Matt.
— • —

Peak of the evening (at 3 Am) was the rustic fire-heated hot tub that looks like a large wooden barrel. Heated by adding firewood into a furnace that is submerged in the water. Quirky feeling to walk out half-naked while it is snowing and jump into a wooden barrel filled with 38°C warm water and just enjoy the wonderful view outside the barrel. A perfect winter landscape of snow and ice with a resemblance of Narnia. Three hours and plenty of champagne and beers later , we were done, hot and tender. Ready to take on a the new year of 2011.

In the hot tub barrel with wonderful hosts Maria and Thomas Emblad and friends.
— • —

So I am looking back and thinking about what can be done better or different next year. I do have some new year resolutions but I really just plan on sputtering along doing the best I can and to grow whenever I see the opportunity. One main thing on my list is to get our Savage Beauty Photo Studio up and running. I will tell you more about this soon.

Until then, remember that;  Life comes with no guarantees or time-outs, so you have to live to the fullest. Dance in the pouring rain and smile until your face hurts. And don’t forget that the happiest of people don’t necessarily have the best of everything, they just make the most of everything that comes along their way.

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