This is work from an artist from Västerås called Garip Jensen. He came down to Stockholm to photograph two models. Lina Backlund and Mary Mayhem. Photo shoot took place in our studio and I did the make up. My sister, stylist Amanda, had thoroughly picked out the outfits for the occasion, from Independent Kostym. Not much to say here besides that Garip was a really nice guy to work with and I look forward to see his finished work on these digital visualizations.  It’s best for Garip himself to explain his art. Read below!

The result of my digital visualizations is part of a process to create the art I really want to see. They are, as I see it,  idea sketches of what I can see as a big “classical” oil painting in the end – reference materials to my painting. They are not finished until its time for an exhibition about five years from now somewhere suitable, probably in America, France or England… Time will tell. When its time to create the original painting I choose one of the best sketches (in my opinion of course) or maybe I create a combination of several sketches, and as always I change details until I’m totally satisfied with the result.

The way I express myself in paintings now is a result of many decisions along the way that’s all part of who I am or what I am more or less. Its passion, fantasy, beauty in several ways, and lots of contrasts that I love to play with.  I’m longing for the result of the big exhibition and I hope to see you there when its time :)

Garip Jensen  //

Model: Mary Mayhem

Model: Lina Backlund

3 Responses to “Garip”

  1. Wow! Helt fantastiska bilder! Ni slutar aldrig överraska!


  2. Såå vackra bilder!!


  3. tannhauser3 Says:

    How beautiful – especially the last pic… To see such polished work still inspires me, and I think it always will..


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