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My Tribute to Charlie Chaplin (Yes, it’s ME!)

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When I was a little girl I used to watch Charlie Chaplin movies together with my grandfather. He brought so many laughter to me as the “Little Tramp”. He is one of the film actors I admire the most from the early classical Hollywood era. And I still love him,  because he wanted to bring about a radical change in contemporary society where he saw the misery of exploited people. You can see this throughout all his films, how the Little Tramp communicates the message of human freedom and always has a positive outlook on life in a world full of chaos.

Charlies personal life and career was full of scandals and controversy. His childhood has the type of deprived childhood that one would expect in a Dickens novel. Still after huge success he had an “un-millionaire” way of living and I quote his words “The saddest thing I can imagine is to get used to luxury”.

In the 1950’s Charlie was scrutinized for his support in aiding the Russian struggle against the invading Nazis during World War II, and the U.S government questioned his moral and political views, suspecting him to having communist ties. In 1952 when he traveled home to England for the premier of “Lime Light”, he was denied reëntry o the United States. The goverment had no evidence to prove that he was a threat to national security. Now, talk about paranoia : (

I think that without Charlie Chaplin, movies would not be as big as they are today. He was not just “bigger ” than anybody, he was gigantic and I think it is doubtful if any other individual has ever given more entertainment, pleasure and relief to so many human beings…specialy when they needed it the most through Wold War I , The great depression and the rise of Hitler. It came natural to him to lash out both imperialism and Fascism… but carrying out his mission he would always put on the costume of a “clown”.

Now and then my whole family sits down in front of the TV and we have a Charlie Chaplin weekend. Some classics are: “The Kid”, “The Gold Rush”, “City Lights”, “The great Dictator “, “Limelight”

This photo session here is my way of showing my admiration for Charlie Chaplin. Yes, it is actually me in the pictures, he, he, he. I feel a complete and utter amazement at the genius of this great man. To me his gift is immeasurable and timeless and his legacy will be enjoyed forever.

Model: Tallee Savage (me)
Photo and graphics by: Mattias Savage Wilmenius
Wardrobe: Independent Kostym

A little something I wrote about Charlie in Swedish.

Charlie Chaplin skänkte filmen innehåll, form och framförallt karaktär. Han var den förste som funderade ut en komisk sekvens, lade ihop komplikationer och sedan drev situationen till dess logiska spets. Idag känner de flesta till vagabonden Charlie men de är inte bekanta med hans filmer. När jag var liten tittade jag ofta på hans filmer tillsammans med min morfar i Chile. Han var så rolig och hans blotta närvaro berikade min själ. I böcker skrivna om honom och i hans självbiografier kan man läsa om hans fascinerande liv. Från elände och förnedring och en uppväxt likt den Charles Dickens beskriver i Oliver Twist till en majestätisk triumf. Jag tycker hans verk borde vara självklara inslag i kulturorienterade ämnen i skolan och min yngsta dotter på nio år håller med. Hon ska därför ta med några av Chaplins filmer till skolan och visa i hennes klass. Ett mästerverk som “Diktatorn” tillhör enligt min mening allmänbildningen. Men min favorit är nog “Chaplins pojke = The kid” och” The Gold Rush”

My grandfather Onofre and I in Santiago, Chile, 1972. One of my biggest role models and inspiration in life.

The authentic Charlie below:

Here you can watch some scenes from Charlie Chaplin’s movies:

This scene chokes my heart and makes me cry every single time. The music he wrote was also very emotional and powerful.

And what about this scene, doesn’t it make you smile?

A small part from the movie “City Lights”:


Enchanting little Fairies

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Do you believe in fairies?… I do. They’re everywhere sprinkling magic that brings a smile and lightens your heart. From morning mist to evening shadows. You know…  If you don’t believe, you don’t see!

These two sisters and adorable little fairies visited our photo studio and the results can be seen below.

We have the props and lots of costumes to choose from if you know of any children that might like to take a step into the magic of an enchanted environment. A fairy tale and storybook of your imagination.  It is a fun experience for the kids an a unique piece of art to hang on your wall. I say “Savage Studios” is the happiest place on earth… not Disneyland  *twinkle twinkle*

India, on my “to do” list!

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I really like Facebook! For one, It makes me feel closer to all my dear relatives that are spread out around the world after the chilean coup 1973.
But also, now and then, I get a new friend that really makes a difference. Somebody you have never met or spoken to, but after a short correspondence, you notice that they have a beautiful way of approaching life. This new friend has just returned from Haiti and while there he helped to start a collection of funds for a family that lost everything in the earthquake with catastrophic magnitude that estimated killed 316,000 people. Won’t go into details here but it made me happy to read what he did and what he wishes to do in the future. I also have a strong belief that just the small things you do, can make a tremendous difference for somebody else. It just felt great to actually hear somebody be involved and care.

To me it is a mystery how we cross our own paths… but it is also very hopeful when we do just that, because in the repetition, new possibilities open… In my old path I can find something I have lost, something I can learn or get inspiration from : )

My new acquaintance also speaks beautiful words about India. A place I have wanted to visit for many years. The country of mysterious paradoxes. The astonishing contrast between wealth and misery. The historical monuments, cultures and traditions. I want to experience them all. It is written in my “to do” list.

For now I can only bring a little bit of India in some photos I like to share. Taken by fashion photographer Robert Milovan.

Have a beautiful weekend

My Abbey Road / Ministry of silly walks

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One of my favourite bands of all times is The Beatles. How can anybody Not like them? I think It’s actually, scientifically incorrect for anyone to say that they don’t love the Beatles. I mean, come on, there are lots of reasons why they are the greatest band ever. They were ground-breaking pioneers, no doubt, and these four guys made the greatest most exciting sound ever.  It is no surprise that they have sold over 1 billion records to date… That’s billion with a B. Besides “Helter Skelter” and “I Want You (She’s so Heavy” are considered two of the first heavy metal songs ; )

My favorite Beatle was always John Lennon. He revealed a rebellious nature in his writing and became very controversial through his political activism. His criticism of the Vietnam War resulted in a lengthy attempt to deport him by Richard Nixon’s administration. I have read numerous books about him and loved the fact that he made his point very clear and is still today in memory a leader in efforts to reach world peace.

“Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted.”
— John Lennon

– Click image to enlarge –

Hey… look at this, The Simpsons has also made tribute to this amazing album.
Pics of me are taken by photographer Göran Magnusson and the original background image is of course shot by scottish photographer Iain Macmillan. Mattias Savage Wilmenius did the photo manipulation.

This picture of me is from the Abbey Road album. A historical street to date. Checking out my poses I can’t stop laughing about the resemblance with Monty Python’s, John Cleese, in the sketch “Ministry of silly walks”. Check this out (click the image below) if you have not seen it. It’s hilarious.

Click image to watch the sketch.

Princess Fiona

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Anybody who has seen the animated comedy film Shrek will recognize the fabulous Princess Fiona. That was cursed to live as a ogress at sunset and human by day. She’s the best “kick-a” princess that’s ever been!  My daughter Elizia can personate just about anybody. Even a ogre princess with black belt karate skills that farts and bulges with no pardon. Being a little ogre herself, she has a hard time sitting still and the green make up was all over the bathroom. Nevertheless, we had plenty of fun doing this shoot.

Model: Elizia Savage
Photo & Make up: Tallee Savage
Graphics: Mattias Savage Wilmenius
Wardrobe: Independent Kostym

Elizia is extatic about her new look. Lots of laught while doing the ogre make up.


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I am not much for war and weapons, but a bandoleer is very much rock ‘n’ roll. I was 14 years old when I got my first bandoleer, in the beginning of the 80s. But in those days I  had the good sense of wearing pants, ha ha ha ha… Anyway, the bandoleer was high fashion for rockers at the time but I was pretty much the only girl that wore one. So many memories…

However, there’s not much depth and thoughts behind this photo session, besides just being a simple pin-up session with some good ol’ rock ‘n’ roll spirit.

The name Savage on my t-shirt is my real name. Lots of people have asked me, over the years, where and when I got it… but I was born a “Savage”. My dad’s name was John Savage.

You all have a wonderful day, evening or night. Depending on what country or state you are reading this from. Here in Sweden it’s way past midnight, but since I am a nocturnal I will go watch some TV.

Special thanks to Göran Magnusson for capturing the moment and Mattias Wilmenius for his awesome graphics.

– Click images to enlarge –

Gary Moore

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Sadly confirmed that Gary Moore passed away last night in his sleep, while he was on holiday in Spain. Guess Phil Lynott asked him to join him for a jam and Gary thought it was about time. For the rest of us it seems way ahead of time though, to leave us at the early age of 58. His beautiful guitar playing and music was an inspiration for many people and will be missed. Legendary irish rock and blues guitar player was recruited to Thin Lizzy in 1973 but also spanning a great career in the blues scene.

One thing I remember well was that Gary Moore played many times here in Sweden where he brought substantial acclaim and commercial success. A concert hall of 10 000 was easily sold out. After one of these occasions in 1987 I went home to L.A. and decided to see him live again after a few weeks. He played at the small club “The Roxy” where approx 70 persons showed up to see him, and in my mind I thought that this must be crazy. That his somewhat less popularity in the U.S.A must mean the americans rockers lacked in… well I don’t want to say musicality… but ehrm… something was very wrong with the picture here. Anyway as I was standing there in the front row, one arm length away from him it felt like I was getting a private show and that I did enjoy.

Rest in peace Gary

If you have a couple of minutes to spear, please listen to this wonderful songs from 80’s

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