Secret Agent

When I model I pretty much get into the role of the character that is chosen. You have to get rid of the shyness, face the fear and feel the teamwork with the photographer. Once comfortable in front of the camera the possibilities are endless. It is just like acting and it’s really a lot of fun.

Here I am as a secret agent working for a federal law enforcement agency. Providing protection for someone… or something… can’t think of anything now… Cats maybe? I did take care of alley cats years ago. Fed and protected them and found their right owners again, or new ones. I was twelve years old then… I did like that feeling : )

Photo: Göran Magnusson – Graphics: Mattias Savage Wilmenius

So much fun to play around with Photoshop, isn’t it?

Other female agent characters enforcing justice… huah…

These pictures were taken by photographer Camil in 2008. Mattias did the graphics inspired by comic strips.

4 Responses to “Secret Agent”

  1. Extremt coolt. Du vet hur man gör för att ha lite kul här i livet. MICKE


  2. You look amazing as the secret agent armed and dangerous and dressed to kill in fab shimmering tight high shine mats. Would love to see more – oh yeah. Very Selene/Trinityesque in style – dark and gothic and pure evil but with a twist…!!!

    Oh, by the way: Would you marry me…


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