I love my job. Especially when jobs as fun as this one show up. The poster for the swedish action/drama/war movie “GRÄNSEN” turned out just awesome. The task was make up on actors. Bloody, sweaty and tired looking soldiers with plenty of roughness around the edges. The movie premiered a couple of days ago and has gotten very good reviews, so I intend to see it very soon.

Director of the movie is Richard Holm and writers are André Sjöberg and Johnny Steen

“The story takes place in december of 1942 and is about two young soldiers who leave their post in Värmland, Sweden to make it through the ice-cold winter just by the nazi-occupied Norwegian border. Sweden is threatened to be invaded and the soldiers want to see the enemy that everyone is talking about. Soon one of the soldier’s brother is missing and with all the odds against him, he goes behind enemies lines, on a secret rescue mission. Disaster waits ahead for the soldiers as they struggle to come out alive”.

View the trailer HERE >>>

Actors I did the make up on are Martin Wallström, André Sjöberg and Antti Reini.

Photographer and Graphic Designer: Mathias Blom

Putting make up on Martin Wallström. Couple of weeks before this job I had seen him in the movie “I rymden finns inga känslor”. My daughters really liked that movie.

Martin Wallström (left) and André Sjöberg who has appeared in numerous movies and TV-series. One I’ve seen is “Snapphanar”

Antti Reini (far right) – Previous movies are Il Capitano, Solstorm,  Stone’s war e t c.

End of  the day.  Tired but happy.  Here I am with actor André Sjöberg and photographer Mathias Blom.

7 Responses to “GRÄNSEN”

    this is very cool!
    I love war movies , and I hope someday it will be available in english or italian!
    You did a great job, as always!


  2. Fantastiskt kul. Ska se filmen ikväll. MICKE


  3. Mycket bra film. Gränslöst bra. MICKE


  4. tannhauser3 Says:

    Certainly a good movie to watch – perhaps I’ll go and see it. There seems to be no shortage of films with similar themes, presented for a younger generation all over the Nordic country – from Norway, we have the “Max Manus” movie, and from Denmark “Flammen og Citronen” which deals with two restisance fighters. My favourite is still the Finnish one about Harry Järv, and his life, trailer can be seen here:

    One of my most treasured possessions, “liberated” from Länsstyrelsen or the regional government of Jämtland in 1991, is a map in the scale 1:300 000, printed by OKH (not to be confused with OKW) in Berlin, 1942. Even more than 50 years later, this excellent map showed all the smaller roads in Jemthia province, plus all the petrol stations and similar establishments all the way down to Sundsvall and the coast. Years later, in the year 2006, I read the book “Krigsfall Sverige” by Jan Linder, concerning the German plans for a “lightning war” and a quick strike through middle Sweden in 1943. The Swedish defence was well planned – much better than portrayed in some movies -, though, and it’s very likely that an initial advance would have bogged down quite early, had the attack ever occurred. As it was, “plan Citadelle” and the German drive in the east did take up all available resources, and as we all know, no attack ever occurred, although it came close… How close, we might never know.

    In 1998, I interviewed the second husband of my mother (now dead) who served at a border post close to the Åre-Duved line throughout WW II. He told me of several expeditions over at the German side – the funniest one to a AA unit from Luftwaffe (anti-aircraft guns didn’t belong to wehrmacht on an operational level) up on a hilllside, overlooking the swedish positions. The “ordinary” German infantry was rather “chummy” and had fraternized a lot with the swedes, closer to the border, but was very jealous of the other unit, since it had better rations, time off with Norwegian girls etc – and the Germans guarding the border consequently “turned a blind eye” to some border crossings… Up at the AA position, the swedes found out that the Germans had “bore sighted” all the swedish trenches and barracks, and had mapped everything quite well – the could look down the barrels of the 88 mm guns, and see their own friends, standing guard some 5 km’s off…

    Not strange then, that it would take 60 years, before anyone dared to make movies such as this.. Perhaps I’ll even publish photos of that map, some day – plus other stuff I still have in keeping, but that’ll be the day…


    • WOW… very interesting reading. I can see that you are well read in much more than just norse mythology. Thanks for sharing. Cool to have such interesting historical documents as the map in your possession.


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