Gary Moore

Sadly confirmed that Gary Moore passed away last night in his sleep, while he was on holiday in Spain. Guess Phil Lynott asked him to join him for a jam and Gary thought it was about time. For the rest of us it seems way ahead of time though, to leave us at the early age of 58. His beautiful guitar playing and music was an inspiration for many people and will be missed. Legendary irish rock and blues guitar player was recruited to Thin Lizzy in 1973 but also spanning a great career in the blues scene.

One thing I remember well was that Gary Moore played many times here in Sweden where he brought substantial acclaim and commercial success. A concert hall of 10 000 was easily sold out. After one of these occasions in 1987 I went home to L.A. and decided to see him live again after a few weeks. He played at the small club “The Roxy” where approx 70 persons showed up to see him, and in my mind I thought that this must be crazy. That his somewhat less popularity in the U.S.A must mean the americans rockers lacked in… well I don’t want to say musicality… but ehrm… something was very wrong with the picture here. Anyway as I was standing there in the front row, one arm length away from him it felt like I was getting a private show and that I did enjoy.

Rest in peace Gary

If you have a couple of minutes to spear, please listen to this wonderful songs from 80’s

2 Responses to “Gary Moore”

  1. My heart is broken. I´m so very sad today. Never thought I could feel like this for a person I never met, but he feels so close to me.

    I was blown away by his unique style and powerful songs when I first heard his solo stuff at thirteen, and I´ve loved the man ever since.
    I´ve never been a “guitar nerd” but Gary instantly found a place in my heart and I hold him as the greatest. He always played with such emotion and intensity. Never showing off, just giving his all with every bone in his body. So melodic and tasteful. Sweaty and with a passion that made us feel like he was giving away a part of his heart and soul to the audience.

    Yes, he was huge in Sweden, especially during the 80s and later in the blues days. I attended every concert I could. I remember flying to Gothenburg to see him Friday night and then Stockholm Saturday in -87. :-) And I am so grateful that I got to see him at Sweden Rock last June. Never could have guessed it would be the last time.

    He was one in a million and the room is now forever empty. I´m sure he and Phil are already jamming with a couple of Guinness.
    I bid a fond farewell to one of the greatest. Your beautful guitar will echo in my heart and your music will always have a special place on the soundtrack of my life.


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