I am not much for war and weapons, but a bandoleer is very much rock ‘n’ roll. I was 14 years old when I got my first bandoleer, in the beginning of the 80s. But in those days I  had the good sense of wearing pants, ha ha ha ha… Anyway, the bandoleer was high fashion for rockers at the time but I was pretty much the only girl that wore one. So many memories…

However, there’s not much depth and thoughts behind this photo session, besides just being a simple pin-up session with some good ol’ rock ‘n’ roll spirit.

The name Savage on my t-shirt is my real name. Lots of people have asked me, over the years, where and when I got it… but I was born a “Savage”. My dad’s name was John Savage.

You all have a wonderful day, evening or night. Depending on what country or state you are reading this from. Here in Sweden it’s way past midnight, but since I am a nocturnal I will go watch some TV.

Special thanks to Göran Magnusson for capturing the moment and Mattias Wilmenius for his awesome graphics.

– Click images to enlarge –

8 Responses to “SAVAGE”

  1. Bigsurf27 Says:

    Certainly working on me. Well done again….Dave


  2. Bigsurf27 Says:

    As a long time fan of DP (was actually at Cal Jam…though the old Speedway is now a shopping mall) loved your Glenn Hughes tribute and your nudes from your Woman post are simply breath taking. Have no reservations about your body at your age, it is amazing. Glad I found your pages, Take care….Dave


    • Thats is so cool Dave, that you where actually there. Such memory for you. I am a big Deep Purple and Rainbow fan myself. Glad you liked my Glenn Hughes tribute… love his voice and that white outfit was killer on him in California Jam. I don’t do totally nudes actually, only the one session that you saw here. But I do love theater and also some sensual attributes ; ) Glad to have you ombord on my blog. Have a wonderful day. Rock on! ///T


  3. tannhauser3 Says:

    Ho Hum. excellent photography, like always… I have nothing really to say on the subject of Tallee Savage, or John Savage, or the Savage family, or the use of “Savage” as a last name, but I have written a blog entry on savages in general, or who ever is supposed to be “savage”…I know that is doesn’t in any relate to the subject matter shown here, or you blog at all, Tallee – but to tell you the truth – you always were and always be my among my favourites as far as SAVAGE women or even Goddesses might be concerned… you might even be one of them… :)

    (it was the best I could come up with, on short notice)


  4. Tallee…
    I think what makes your modeling (and the Woman photos particulary) so sensual is the lack of “total” nudity. The lines of your toned body in your WOMAN photos is what makes them so special. It’s the idea of what’s NOT seen that adds to the visual. The photos with your husband are also very erotic, they clearly show the passion, sensuality and tenderness of your relationship….not an easy task to get through in photos unless it’s real, and even then….

    Looking forward to future posts…might I send an invite on facebook?



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