India, on my “to do” list!

I really like Facebook! For one, It makes me feel closer to all my dear relatives that are spread out around the world after the chilean coup 1973.
But also, now and then, I get a new friend that really makes a difference. Somebody you have never met or spoken to, but after a short correspondence, you notice that they have a beautiful way of approaching life. This new friend has just returned from Haiti and while there he helped to start a collection of funds for a family that lost everything in the earthquake with catastrophic magnitude that estimated killed 316,000 people. Won’t go into details here but it made me happy to read what he did and what he wishes to do in the future. I also have a strong belief that just the small things you do, can make a tremendous difference for somebody else. It just felt great to actually hear somebody be involved and care.

To me it is a mystery how we cross our own paths… but it is also very hopeful when we do just that, because in the repetition, new possibilities open… In my old path I can find something I have lost, something I can learn or get inspiration from : )

My new acquaintance also speaks beautiful words about India. A place I have wanted to visit for many years. The country of mysterious paradoxes. The astonishing contrast between wealth and misery. The historical monuments, cultures and traditions. I want to experience them all. It is written in my “to do” list.

For now I can only bring a little bit of India in some photos I like to share. Taken by fashion photographer Robert Milovan.

Have a beautiful weekend

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