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My daugher Adina is a little leopard ♥

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My daughter Adina turns fourteen in a couple of weeks. Every birthday I am struck by how much my three children have grown, how time has quickly passed by. Wasn’t it just yesterday that they were in diapers and pre-school. I just sit back in awe sometimes about how time can turn a tiny human being that I held in my arms not so long ago into a beautiful, delightful, incredible little woman. It is the time of the year when it’s really clear to me that “duty” part of this motherhood gig isn’t going to last forever. Still… I love to see her grow, watch her discover and watch her shine.

Little leopard Adina  •  One year old

1700s Mademoiselle

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I am a complete sucker for historical dramas and I love the culture of the 18th century; fashion, literature and music. I have seen Amadeus, the movie, about 15 times and I go through periods of interest in Voltaire’s and Rousseau’s radical ideas and enlightens. So doing a period style dress was something I have wanted to do for quite some time.

It would be very nice to narrow down this photo session we did with Linnea to a certain era of the 1700s. Together with my sister Amanda, who is a stylist, we pinned it down to the era of rococo. I will be back soon with an accurate version of the baroque fashion, but for now here are some words on the contemporary politics and fashion.

I am very aware of the established aristocrat’s terrible behaviour. The enormous difference between the lives of the rich and noble families and those of the common people. Interesting reading is also the fact that the aristocrats were regarded different in England than in France. The french were the snob of the snobs and considered it disgraceful for anyone of high, noble birth to soil his hands with agricultural or industry, or earn his living by manual labour. The french aristocrats was an exclusive club whose members had to be born to their position in life, and their only concern was to increase their own power and wealth.
In England, however, a man could gain aristocratic status by working hard and common girls were able to marry into aristocracy. So the ordinary folks in England never regarded aristocrats as total parasites like many did in France. Were people grew venomous hate and took a long-awaited revenge with the grisly fate of the guillotine and manslaughter during the revolution in 1789.

And now…  to the shallow and fantastic world of fashion.

The fashion for women of this period in the 1700s reaches heights of fantasy and abundant ornamentation, especially among the aristocracy of France. It was a time of revolution in the western world and the changes in fashion often reflected that. Variation was the essence from the early baroque’s rich and flamboyant of colors and opulent fabrics with exaggerated motion to produce drama and tension from Rome, Italy, to the french era of the rococo’s ornate style and the Marie Antoinette’s extravagance and well-documented cloth expenses. Bottom-line:  Rococo is therefore characterized by grace, playfulness and lightness in contrast to the heavier themes and darker colors of the earlier baroque period.

Can you imagine how a visit to the toilet must have been with all those hoops of skirts? A pain in the butt for sure. The skirts were shaped like the basket in which chickens were carried to the market (panier = korg in swedish), to a gradual change to simplicity and comfort with the bumroll or the bustle. Now you know why the “french doors” were invented ; )

Hairstyles in the Rococo were ridiculously elaborate and I am sure hair was subjected to various tortures. Wigs or hairpieces with decorations like ribbons, silk flowers and even tiny false birds in miniature cages was common.

The make up was white, the more pale face, the better. This was a way for nobility to indicate their greatness and superiority towards the peasants. The rest of the face accompanied with ravishing cheeks, dramatic eyebrows, big, round shiny eyes, an alluring mouth and flourishing beauty spots. But just like the ancient egyptians they made use of harmful minerals to color their skin. The heavy foundation and powder contained lead. Oh, dear… no scientific laboratories of course, so after the body easily absorbed the poison, the side effects of severe pain, nausea blindness, paralyzation and even death was a fact.

Anyway here are some photos I took of Linnea B.  Enjoy!

Little young Madame

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I would say just about every little girl likes to dress up. Not just for Halloween, but every day. I did too… But I was not that much into the princess look. I liked Wonder Woman and Jane from the Tarzan comic strips. Anyway, my plan is to get a full wardrobe with enchanting and amazingly cool dresses and costumes for girls and boys. Best place to find this? United States of America of course!!!

You won’t come here to our studio just to take a photo and leave. This is not your annual regular school photo either. This will be an experience. From choosing your favorite outfit and jewelry, to getting your hair curled and then some professional make up, if the theme requires. Then it is time to rock ‘n’ roll and I will show you the way. You’ll just love it already! …and you haven’t even seen the finished results yet!  : )

This wonderful little model called Linnea Ehrencrona came to the studio and did four different sessions. Beside the session showed below of Linnea as a “Little Young Mademoiselle” she also did a soccer, a fairy and a pirate session. One of Linnea’s pirate photos are posted under last weeks blog topic “Young Pirates“.

I specifically ask for permission before I post any photos on my blog! Even when I am the photographer. It is important for all my customers to know this.


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Daniel Ehrencrona was my first costumer to dribble his way into the studio with a basket ball. He wanted me to take some nice photos with his team outfit. This was actually my first sports related photo job. This young man and virtuous ball bouncer just dribbled away and I thought,  o’boy am I glad to have a Nikon D3 that is well-known for its fast frame rate. Makes it so much easier to capture the moment.

Daniel Ehrencrona plays for BBK Södertälje
Photographer: Tallee Savage
Graphic Designer: Matt Savage

Day of The Dead # 2 feat. MirAnna

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Anna Miranda contacted me a while back and had a request about doing a “Day of the Dead” session with me. I had just done this other DOD photo shoot, but figured that, what the hell, there are just so many ways of expressing yourself through this theme. Different clothing, make up and editing. It is a completely different approach on the same beautiful ritual in which Mexicans happily and lovingly remember their loved ones who has left this world.

Now some words on Anna Miranda. It would be an understatement to say that she is a very goal-oriented and ambitious woman. This 40-year-old hot-mama is an alternative model with preferences in the retro pin-up area of the 1950’s. She describes herself as a “cocktail of rockabilly, cheesecake, Chola boudoir and tiki, with a twist of glamour. Shaken but not disturbed”.  She is mommy to a boy called Giovanni that was born with an undiagnosed brain disorder. She works as personal assistant for her boy and as an operation manager and is also the originator of the project MirAnna’s Calendargirls. The calendar has the theme of the 1950s pin-ups and is inspired by Gil Elvgrens pictures. All the money that the calendar might bring in goes to the fund for children with undiagnosed brain disease/disorder. The concept for this project is that not only can anybody be beautiful , but also that anyone can make themselves feel better by doing something unconditionally for others. Age, size, length… none of this matters. Of course there was no way I could say no to something this important. It was my honor to contribute as a model. More about the calendar project in the near future.

Reading MirAnna’s blog is a stunning experience. The everyday joy and struggle with her young boy. How the every month “normal” assumed milestones of your child never really comes. The dreams for the future, the pain and concern that is very hard for any other person to comprehend, if you are not in the same situation. But I can imagine and I can also feel a great deal of respect for this little boy and his mommy, reading her blog about the copings and expectations of every day. Hopes and desires for the future, just as any other family. It is inspiring to say the least.

Here you can read more about Anna Miranda. (Is in swedish though folks).

Blog –  Homepage –  Calendargirls

About this photo session:
Models: Me(Tallee) & MirAnna
Make up: Tallee Savage
Photo: Jörgen Lundh
Graphics: Mattias Savage Wilmenius

Young Pirates

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Stories of pirates with sunken treasures and overwhelming experiences, mysteries and discoveries.  What is tale and what is historical facts? Ahoy there folks…We can all reasonably assume that piracy has existed for as long as the oceans were plied for commerce. But the classic era of piracy in the Caribbean Sea extends from 1560’s until the mid 1720’s. Being the most succesful in the first decades of 1700’s.

Pirates are exiting and intriguing. At least that is what my latest young costumers agree on.

Photo by: Tallee Savage
Graphics: Mattias Savage

Best performer ever, Johnny Depp doing his brilliant character of Captain Jack Sparrow in the trilogy of “Pirates of the Caribbean. “The  Curse of the Black Peal”, “Dead Man’s chest” and ” At World’s End”. Have you heard where Johnny Depp got his inspiration for the character of Jack Sparrow? His main source was Keith Richards of The Rollings Stones, quite the resemblance, huh?

Polka dot girl

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Last week I had the wonderful privilege of photographing this lovely little lady. This tiny model made my job very easy as she let me take successful candid shots of her, never looking for directions. I love that fact about children, they can be playing and be totally unaware of you as you shoot gorgeous pictures of them. But this little girl was indeed aware of me being there, but yet very natural in front of the camera and she was very patient as I changed the lighting. A lot of people say that it is hard to photograph kids, that it is frustrating. You really need to think 100 miles outside the box and catch them off guard. This is correct in some ways, but this was certainly not the case here. Flavia enjoyed the spotlights and flashes and was ever so happy in her little purple polka dot dress.

“Every picture tells a story”

Photo: Tallee Savage
Graphics: Mattias Savage
Dress: Gift from me on Flavia’s 3:rd birthday
Old suitcase and bag: Independent kostym

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