Polka dot girl

Last week I had the wonderful privilege of photographing this lovely little lady. This tiny model made my job very easy as she let me take successful candid shots of her, never looking for directions. I love that fact about children, they can be playing and be totally unaware of you as you shoot gorgeous pictures of them. But this little girl was indeed aware of me being there, but yet very natural in front of the camera and she was very patient as I changed the lighting. A lot of people say that it is hard to photograph kids, that it is frustrating. You really need to think 100 miles outside the box and catch them off guard. This is correct in some ways, but this was certainly not the case here. Flavia enjoyed the spotlights and flashes and was ever so happy in her little purple polka dot dress.

“Every picture tells a story”

Photo: Tallee Savage
Graphics: Mattias Savage
Dress: Gift from me on Flavia’s 3:rd birthday
Old suitcase and bag: Independent kostym

8 Responses to “Polka dot girl”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    linda la nina ,la foto y la grafica….congratulations…


  2. Men åååh vad fina bilder på världens sötaste Flavis.
    Gud vilket fint minne för henne när hon blir stor. Det här var annat än de vanliga dagiskorten det.
    Kram Helena


  3. Wonderful! We love them. Great job!
    Lilla skruttan…


  4. Helt fantastiska bilder! Love it!


  5. Wow, sista bilden är helt underbar. toppklass!!!


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