Little young Madame

I would say just about every little girl likes to dress up. Not just for Halloween, but every day. I did too… But I was not that much into the princess look. I liked Wonder Woman and Jane from the Tarzan comic strips. Anyway, my plan is to get a full wardrobe with enchanting and amazingly cool dresses and costumes for girls and boys. Best place to find this? United States of America of course!!!

You won’t come here to our studio just to take a photo and leave. This is not your annual regular school photo either. This will be an experience. From choosing your favorite outfit and jewelry, to getting your hair curled and then some professional make up, if the theme requires. Then it is time to rock ‘n’ roll and I will show you the way. You’ll just love it already! …and you haven’t even seen the finished results yet!  : )

This wonderful little model called Linnea Ehrencrona came to the studio and did four different sessions. Beside the session showed below of Linnea as a “Little Young Mademoiselle” she also did a soccer, a fairy and a pirate session. One of Linnea’s pirate photos are posted under last weeks blog topic “Young Pirates“.

I specifically ask for permission before I post any photos on my blog! Even when I am the photographer. It is important for all my customers to know this.

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