My daugher Adina is a little leopard ♥

My daughter Adina turns fourteen in a couple of weeks. Every birthday I am struck by how much my three children have grown, how time has quickly passed by. Wasn’t it just yesterday that they were in diapers and pre-school. I just sit back in awe sometimes about how time can turn a tiny human being that I held in my arms not so long ago into a beautiful, delightful, incredible little woman. It is the time of the year when it’s really clear to me that “duty” part of this motherhood gig isn’t going to last forever. Still… I love to see her grow, watch her discover and watch her shine.

Little leopard Adina  •  One year old

6 Responses to “My daugher Adina is a little leopard ♥”

  1. Adina Savage Says:

    Hahaha ^^ <3


  2. haha!! gud va söt hon är på bilden!!


  3. Helene WIkström Says:

    Så fin!


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