White Wedding

So you or somebody you know are getting married? CONGRATULATIONS! A glorious thing to gaze upon the eyes of the one you love, knowing you’ve just made one of the biggest decisions of you life. Soon though… euphoria about the wedding plans start to sink in and there are a thousand questions like setting date, invitations, dress, make up, vows, theme, decorations, Dj, music, photographer, cake, flowers etc. Is it any way to plan all those things without losing your mind? … and how much will all of this cost? I can imagine a lot of this to be intimidating enough to make people elope.

So is there anything I can do to help? Well I thought my concept here was pretty rewarding. I was reflecting about how stressful it must be for the bride to go to one salon and have her make up and hair done and then off to a another studio to have her photos taken. I remember myself stressing my wedding curls off doing the same thing. So therefore, “NO MORE”… You can come here and have both your make up & hair done and have beautiful portraits taken in our studio. Saves both time, headache and money ; )

& now I can help YOU : )
I am a poet and I didn’t know it … Ohh (Andrew Dice Clay aka Ford Fairlane)

— Click pics to enlarge —

Model: Linnea B
Photo, Make up & Hair: Tallee Savage (that would be me)
Graphics / Retouch: Mattias Savage
Wardrobe: Independent kostym

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