Mi tia Eliana

My aunt Eliana with Mozart the cat. Picture taken back in 1987

Hello, I haven’t written here in a long time.

I have felt a little bit overwhelmed lately with so many things to do and so little time. Lots of things have gone on here; work, meetings, business correspondence, dance classes. Then add all those things that constantly need my attention like raising children, teenage problems, housekeeping, personal management, paying bills and so on.

So many “must do’s”. So my hobbies are almost completely suspended – no time for writing in my blog, reading books, watching movies and no time to SLEEP. Doesn’t seem to help that I have exceptional natural organizational abilities. It has been out of control lately.

On top of this a much more serious matter occurred. My aunt Eliana has been seriously ill and hospitalized for almost one month now. She is ill with Septicaemia, also known as blood poisoning. A serious life threatening condition caused by a rapid increase of bacteria in the blood stream. Doctors can’t figure out how she got it. But it probably began as a bacterial infection in a specific part of the body.

There was a rapid rise in heart and respiratory rates and they had to do immediate surgery to try to find out what is causing this. She has had us all very worried. Doctors still don’t know what it is, but after several intravenous broad spectrum of antibiotics, drugs and hypercaric oxygen therapy, she is now doing better. Although her condition is still serious.  We are hoping for her to recover soon. Because we love her.  And her grandchildren and son Robin needs her very much.

Eliana reading a book to her two grandchildren Simon and Isabella : )

4 Responses to “Mi tia Eliana”

  1. Stor varm styrkekram till en underbar kvinna som trots motgångar och tuffa perioder i livet alltid är positiv och varmhjärtad mot människor runt sig. <3 kram <3


  2. TE quiero Tia! You are in all of our thoughts, we talk about you everyday with the family in Cali xoxo Great Pic Tallee xoxo


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