Beauty is timeless

Through ups and downs in life I have always felt that I was quite lucky to belong to this wonderful large family, all spread over different parts of this world. Even after the Chilean coup, where we all got separated I always knew I was special and loved by my many relatives. They are all special in their own way and for different reasons. But them being there for me when I grew up means a lot to me now.

My aunty Rosa is the eldest of eight sisters and brothers. Born on 21 December 1932. While her life has been filled with challenges aswell as triumphs, she has always been there for me and everybody else, no matter what. She passes out guidance, inspiration, tolerance and love to anybody who meets her. I will always admire her for her wisdom, care-giving role and huge heart.

She was just here in Sweden only for a week. Got notice about her sister Eliana being ill and caught the first available flight from the United States to be here with her sister. That is just how she is.

Anyway I wanted her to get her mind on something else for a few hours and so I took some photos of her in our studio. A friend of mine said “Beauty is timeless” when she saw these photos. I totally agree!

Besitos tia Rosa. I LOVE YOU… and this goes for all my other aunts and uncles too.

Chile 1950’s. Photo of Grandma and Grandpa with all my aunts and uncles from my mother’s side.
Rosa, Cotú, Alicia, Eliana, Mercedes, Lucia, Corinna and little Juan.

6 Responses to “Beauty is timeless”

  1. tannhauser3 Says:

    Thanks for all these beautiful images and words. Makes me think of many things, my own paternal grandmother included. She was the wife of a scanian Vicar, but a pagan woman at heart, who kept smiling at me, when I at age 5 asked why at all she married my paternal grandfather and said “what do you think – why could I marry a Christian priest” and who told me a lot of things, for bedtime stories. When visiting Väsby churchyard, outside Höganäs in Scania province, she said, upon seeing the gravestones of her grandparents, leaning against the church wall: “now, they will be angry, as drops of rain might fall upon them” and she made what I thought was an upside down T – rather “the sign of the Hammer” for Thor in the dough upon making bread, and when asked about why this was done, still replied, with a smile; “why – my mother always did this, and so her mother before her – bread will taste better, if we do this…” Also a little inspired by Gabriel Garcia Marques, even he wasn’t from Chile, as far as I recall..


    • What an interesting story Holger. So nice with this memories isn’t. On my next post I also mention the writer Gabriel García Márquez because his comparison with José Saramago. Garcia is from Colombia by the way.


  2. Thanks for writing such a BEAUTIFUL few words on my “INCREDIBLE MOM”, lovely Tallee. XOXO Tree


  3. Says:

    Tallee, as always you make me think of my loved ones in far away places and how precious the time we have together is. Thank You for that.
    What a wonderful niece you are Tallee, giving your tia Rosa a little time out and creating special memories in the process.
    Hmmm, me thinks I feel a little tear rolling down my cheek, a sentimental tear :)


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