*** God Damn Hippie ***

“Make Love Not War” was pretty much the mantra of the Flower Power children of the 1970’s fashion. While man had just walked on the moon, the hippie youth culture from the United States was filled with anti-aggression statements, anti-war, free your mind, Jimi Hendrix, Vietnam protests, sexual revolution, LSD and marijuana.

My dad spent lots of time in San Fransisco where the hippie movement started. He attended San Fransisco State Collage in the 50’s and was Head Gymnastic Coach at the same school in the 60’s. Even if I don’t recall him walking around in afghan coats, South American ponchos, patchwork or bohemian romantic shirts made of crushed velvet, I bet he saw and heard a lot of these alternative lifestyles.

Here are photos of me with 1970’s in mind. A decade I enjoy so much because of its radical beliefs, its psychedelic colors and rock chronicles, that still today are my favorites.

I end this post with a song from Carole King called “Beautiful”. Can’t even remember how many time I’ve listened to her album “Tapestry”, released in 1971. My mom and dad always used to play this album as I grew up.

– Click pictures to enlarge –

Model: Me
Photo: Göran Magnusson
Art Director: Mattias Savage

Jimi Hendrix & Janis Joplin

6 Responses to “*** God Damn Hippie ***”

  1. hej vad kul att du kika in på min fotoblogg :)
    riktig grymma bilder på dej, så härliga färger och klädsel oxå :)


  2. Vilka coola bilder! Vad fin du är på dem! :)


  3. Älskar 70-talets stilar och likaså musiken, jag är född helt fel årtionde! Jättefina bilder Tallee :-)


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