Crucified Barbara

There’s something special when groups composed solely of women emerge with the event of rock and roll. I remember being very fond of Suzi Quatro and The Runaways who must have been among the first female bands that got signed to a record label in the 70’s. “Heavy Metal” is of course a subjective term based on individual definition. But in the 80’s there was a bunch of all-girl-metal bands that I judged by different criterias. Unfortunately I found a lot of bands like Madam X, Lee Aaron and Girlschool being not so very good. To me the band Heart were the eternal, reigning queens of Hard rock.

Anyway … we had the pleasure of working with these lovely beautiful ladies – Crucified Barbara – This ass kicking band are a lot more hard-core than most of their boy-fellow colleagues in da biz.  Being around since 1998 and signed to GMR Music Group in Stockholm. They have released two albums,  “In Distortion We Trust” 2005 and ‘Til Death Do Us Party” 2009. I have seen them live on numerous occasions, never being left disappointed. So check them out!

Hope you like the photos :)

Photo: Tallee Savage
Graphics: Mattias Savage

The current lineup is:
Mia Coldheart – Vocals & Guitar
Klara Force  – Guitar
Ida Evileye  – Bass
Nicki Wicked  – Drums

10 Responses to “Crucified Barbara”

  1. wow! Beautiful work my dear friends!:)
    This are true rocking shots!:)


  2. Simply amazing!


  3. Hey!
    Awesome photos…this is truley rock ´n´roll \m/


  4. Fabulous photos! Love the band too!


  5. Riktigt snygga bilder! Den där de headbangar är jättecool! :)


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