*** Essence of Water ***

A photographer and very good friend of mine has a shower in his photo studio. We decided to experiment with the light and see how the thousands of little droplets falling down and touching my skin would reflect and change colors, leaving a very cool effect on the image. Not so easy keeping your eyes open with all the make up pouring down your face. This was a cool experience though. Graphic designer Mattias Savage, then got free hands to fiddle around… with the editing that is ; ) Some came out warmer and some colder in tones.

Ahhhh… The essence of water…

Model: Tallee Savage
Photo: Jörgen Lundh

Attitude problem? Nah, not me… I am a sweet girl. My friends know ♥

Droplets beautifully makes patterns on the skin. Cool effect on curves!

A few behind the scene shots

Photographer Jörgen and I going through some pics.  •   Blaaaah… my eyes hurt a little.

2 Responses to “*** Essence of Water ***”

  1. Vad snygg du är på bilderna, Tallee! Och vad häftigt det ser ut med alla vattendroppar!


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