Bianca and Jen

I met Jenny three years ago through a community page for photographers and models. We instantly clicked. We share a lot of the same values, morals and interests in life. I am just so happy and so lucky that I met her.  She is one of the kindest and smartest persons I know.

On december 13th she and her boyfriend Erik Stenemo had a sweet little adorable girl. Her name is Bianca, a name suitable for a princess. I just talked to Jen a minute ago and she was exited about her baby taking a bath in a lake for the first time.

Anyway these are photos of my sweet and dear friend JenHell with her baby. Taken on two different occasions.

Bianca is 6 months old
Photo: Tallee Savage
Graphics: JenHell

I took the photos below when I was babysitting Bianca. She was 2,5 months old and Oh boy… did she charm me with those toothless smiles. Adorable little girl!

Got to start with those rock lessons early ; ) Bianca looking very thoughtful with a stuffed cat that I gave her when she was born.

Bianca is laughing her little butt off. And sound a sleep with her mommy.

2 Responses to “Bianca and Jen”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    The naturalness of mother and child couldn’t be more beautiful than this!


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