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I call this session Matriarch. That is a society in which women have the central roles of political leadership and moral authority. I like the stories of these powerful amazons. They are not passive, weak and physically helpless. Tarzan used to have a bunch of them in the old movies and comic strips. I used to watch every single movie. Especially the ones with Johnny Weissmuller and Maureen O’ Sullivan that is. Reaching all the way from 1932 until 1948.

Special thanks to photographer Göran Magnusson for putting up with all my crazy ideas and to graphic designer Mattias for excellent editing on these photos.

Until next time Ta-Ta!

Tarzan with a bunch of Amazon woman from the movie "Tarzan and the Amazons" from 1945

Model, make up, hair & Styling: Tallee Savage
Photo: Göran Magnusson
Graphics: Mattias Savage

The Circus Series

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Imagine a traveling circus sometime in the early 20th century, strangely out of time, always on the move. There is a pride, an arrogance that sets apart the circus performers from the public who gaze back from the other side of a window that neither can cross.

Circus Series is a collection of photographic artworks that play with the way we construct identity. The works explore the balance between the extraordinary and the banal, between fake and real as they examine the role of ‘the performer’ by colliding the clichéd assumptions of the circus life with the vintage aesthetic of the early 20th century. The series is a continuation of the artistic duo’s longer term exploration of role, identity and sexuality in contemporary culture.

John Paul Bichard and Fräulein Frauke contacted me for this project to do the make up on these magnificent circus artists for their collection of photographic artwork.

The circus artists’ names are David and Fofo. Their ability to create acts with oddness and high energy has been very appreciated around the world. Explore more of their innovative way of working:

– Click pics to enlarge –

© Copyright John Paul Bichard and Fräulein Frauke 2011


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A project that I put together with Jan Monsen. A fabulous photographer and graphic designer out of Norway. I am meeting him and his lovely girlfriend Sussi again in September for a more pin-upish session : )
Thanks to Mattias for helping me out with the tattoo make up, not so easy to do on your own arm. HEY… maybe I should get a permanent tattoo like this.

The jewelry I am wearing are from Khan El-Khalili in Egypt. The most historical bazaar in the world, established in 1382 and responsible for explorers such as Columbus to trade goods from east
to west. Unfortunately it is not a very good place to go to these days, I know : ( But things will eventually settle down in Egypt. So if you ever travel there, don’t miss out on this very exotic, intoxicating and overwhelming, exiting bazaar.

At the legendary Khan El-Khalili bazaar in Cairo, Egypt trying to get the best deal on the jewelry ;) and a behind-the-scenes shot


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HammerFall from Gothenburg, Sweden, rockin’ out at the Getaway Rock Festival. In support of the new album “Infected” the band has supported quite a few festival throughout the summer and has announced a European tour. Unfortunately no photos of the drummer, Anders. The stage was to high. He is by the way one of funniest persons to hang out with… totally wild.

Joacim Cans of HammerFall

Oscar Dronjak  (HammerFall)

Pontus Norgren & Joacim Cans


Rikard Edlund is on fiiiiire… or so it seems. Good picture, bad picture? Well… I thought it was cool.
Graveyard was formed in Gothenburg, Sweden, in 2006 and have released two albums. Graveyard (2007) and Hisingen Blues (2011) I only saw three songs of this Psychedelic, blues rockin’ band and then I had to run off to the next stage and take photos. And this was one of the things that really sucked on this festival. Bands overlapping each other and starting at the same time. Hm… If the band is good and amusing, I for one likes to stay and see at least half the concert.

Same procedure with Black Metal band Marduk. Only saw the few songs that I was allowed to take photos in the photo pit. Singer Mortuus looks like cave man or indian… pretty cool!

I have seen them quite a few times and they certainly are an entertaining band to watch. Never a dull moment really. Kick-ass sleaze rock’n’roll. Great band and nice fellows aswell. Kicked off with the song Sadistic Girls and took off with the smashing hit single “We Don’t celebrate Sundays anymore”.

My mouth on Adde’s drum kit he he he he cool  \m/

Can you have a better time than hanging out with good friends, fabulous music and a nice cold beer?

My sister Amanda, Mats, Lotta and Jompa.

Martin Forsman, Anna Karlsson, Mats Levén & Lotta Fischer-Levén.

My hubby Matt enjoying his beer.

A little bit of Kreator. Trash metal band from Essen, Germany. The band is currently working on new material for a thirteenth studio album, which is due for release in 2012. Can’t tell you much about the gig… had to run with my camera to another stage.

Dudes from Blowsight.

Alice is Alice!

Always a pleasure to see him and his band. Although I did miss my friend Keri Kelli on the guitar on stage with him : (

Hanging out with Sanna Stenvall. Beautiful voice on Bandit radio.
You folks in Sweden do tune in every day, right?

The NEVERDIES were the winners of radio competition “Bandit Unsigned 2010” and landed themselves a contract with Warner Music. They are hitting the stages here and there.

A late congratulations are in order!

Photos: Tallee Savage
All rights reserved. Copyright © 2011.
Use without permission is unlawful


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Backstage pass for this years GETAWAY ROCK FESTIVAL. Design made my Mattias Savage of E-tainment News. Came out pretty cool … huh?

I was assigned by E-tainment News to take photos for this festival. So I had to work… work but enjoying the luxury of having a blast at the same time. This festival can’t really be compared to Sweden Rock. It is not so big… yet. Sweden Rock is nostalgic… more “mature” bands and audience , if you will. But still I liked the arrangements and I got to see a lot of band that I had never seen before on this festival that took place in Gävle, Sweden on July 7-9, 2011.

One of those bands where Norwegian black metallers IMMORTAL. After the release of their first demo in 1990 the band has been one of the most important black Metal bands in the world. They have arguably maintained the most occult-mysticism image credited to Black Metal. Conversely, unlike many black metal bands, Immortal does not espouse Satanism. At least not any more. The music is a complex fusion of black metal, trashy, technical, heavy and fast… very fast. I enjoyed the concert very much!

Apollyon (bass player in Immortal since 2006)

Abbath Doom Occulta (vocals & guitar and founder of Immortal)


Young dudes from the band Dynazty unfortunately had their set up at the same time as black Metal band Immortal. I would not go as far as to say that they had to fight over the audience. Because this two bands certainly come from two different planets. Never have seen any of the acts before I thought it was fair to visit both bands. Dynazty’s melodic rock is good and this lads are hungry. But I was drawn back to Immortal as I was urging for some theatrical and more “evil” music \m/

Love from Dynazty & partying with some girlfriends Madleine, Kattis and Hanna.

Another band that started out in 1990 formed by the twin brothers Erik and Per Gustavsson, under the stage names Tyrant and Hellbutcher is Nifelheim.
The twin brothers, aka “Bröderna Hårdrock”, did a documentary about Heavy Metal fans which aired in Sweden 1998.
The band plays old-school black Metal in the vein of bands like Venom and Bathory, rather than the style made famous from Norwegian black Metal bands of the 1990’s. GOSH, having Rainbow and Deep Purple as my favorite bands I really surprise myself by digging this utterly extreme subgenre of Heavy Metal music. Unconventional, raw, highly distorted guitar shrieked vocals, blast beat drumming. At least I give it a chance.


Always a pleasure to see Opeth, and certainly Getaway’s best act this year. Everything they played sounds amazing. I always get a Pink Floyd-ish feeling when I see them. But they are much more progressive and heavy of course. I remember thinking that the concert was a little to short considering they were headlining, but I don’t know if it can ever be long enough! Anyway after the song “Drapery falls” from the Blackwater Park album, Mikael explained to the audience that drummer Martin Axenroth  was actually very sick with Shingles and had spent all night before in the hospital feeling very ill. What a guy! Shingles is very painful inflammation caused by the same virus as chicken pox. They had a new keyboardist that sounded just fine…but I do miss Per Wibergs head banging.

The new album “Heritage” is out in September. It is supposed to be very good…Well, I know it is brilliant ;)

Here is a two-minute video clip of Mikael Åkerfeldt and Fredrik Åkesson shopping records at Fords. Enjoy!

Mingling backstage with Fredrik Åkesson of Opeth.

O’boy… how many parties have been saved by jamming some Accept through the speakers. What an utterly amazing band. I was sceptic not to have Udo Dirkschneider up there but the new guy, Mark Tornillo (ex TT Quick) really pulled it off. It’s a matter of fact he did an excellent job and kept the “aura” of Udo intact without looking or sounding like it was a “cover band” job. Does that makes sense? After photographing three songs in the photo pit. I joined the big crowed that were loving this big time. In front of me were two members from Nifelheim going crazy (see pic below).

“It is all about the smile” Guitarist Wolf Hoffmann. Happiest guy in this festival.

Well protected by Hellbutcher and Sebastian Ramstedt of Nifelheim.


I felt like I wanted to “mosh”, I really did. I so much wanted to join into the aggressive dance that the audience so nicely got together to express their enjoyment and appreciation for this excellent and funny band. But my heels were to high, my nails to long, my camera to heavy… Naw… best just to look. I want to see these dudes again!

Mats Levén with his beautiful wife Lotta.

Beer pause… three rockin´cousins Jompa, Gustaf and Matt.

The Darkness…not my cup of tea… Never was.
But singer Justin Hawkins was energetic and had a nice “Sweden” shirt on.

Swedish band Ghost’s significant popularity is justified. Music was good and their somewhat eccentric presence made med feel like I was in a mass. Here are some of the photos I took. The lights on this concert was amazingly cool but dark and it was hard to get a clear good photo. Flash is prohibited and something you really don’t want to use because it kills the mood of a pic.

Photos: Tallee Savage
All rights reserved. Copyright © 2011.
Use without permission is unlawful

“DRAMA QUEEN” by Jayce Landberg feat. Göran Edman

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Got together with some friends of mine outside of Stockholm and put together a little rock video. No budget and mostly for fun. Turned out pretty good though. I did the make up.

Guitar player is Jayce Landberg and you can read more about him on his official site Göran Edman is known to everybody who knows their rock. But in case you don’t know he used to sing with Yngwie Malmsteen and John Norum Band. Great human being and one of my favourite singers.


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Bingo is a Swedish photographer considered to be Sweden’s answer to Hugh Hefner. He has worked as an in-house photographer for Swedish publications such as Slitz, Magazine Café and Playboy.

Elin Woods photograph by Bingo Rimér

He has created a Scandinavian version of Victoria’s secrets with his “Sexy by Sweden” brand and is the co-founder of the casting agency Bingo Models with Sweden’s most popular glamour models. He also the co-founder of Lejon Media 2000 which publishes Moore Magazine and Pause Magazine. He left the magazine in 2005 but still does editorial work for the mag.  He does not only shoot glamour though. You can find work he did with Aerosmith, Dregen, Carolina Gynning among other celebrities. So that is a little about Bingo’s work.

His girlfriend Katrin Zytomierska gives a treat of his own medicine : ) Wonderful shot!

I had the pleasure of working for this very charismatic man as a make up artist on one of his models for the project “MirAnna’s Calendar Girls”.

More about the calendar here >>>

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