Morning Gift

A photo session for “Morning Gift” means sensual, sometimes erotic images that are given as a morning gift by the wife to the husband the day after they are married.

Married or not, this is a fantastic gift for the man in your life to receive ♥

Model: Linnea B
Photo & Make up: Tallee Savage
Retouch: Mattias Savage

4 Responses to “Morning Gift”

  1. That IS a wonderful gift! Especially when no one thinks about doing anything like that anymore. He will think it is very special as is the beautiful woman in the photo! <3


  2. So very true Cat!


  3. Hej! Jättevackra bilder (har sett många) fastade lite extra för bakgrunden på dessa bilder, hur har ni fått till det så snyggt?


    • Hej Babbi! Tack så jättemycket för att du kikar in. Har mörkgrå barkgrund som jag lyser upp med en spot. Men sen har grafiker Mattias tonat den lite brunt i redigeringen.



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