A project that I put together with Jan Monsen. A fabulous photographer and graphic designer out of Norway. I am meeting him and his lovely girlfriend Sussi again in September for a more pin-upish session : )
Thanks to Mattias for helping me out with the tattoo make up, not so easy to do on your own arm. HEY… maybe I should get a permanent tattoo like this.

The jewelry I am wearing are from Khan El-Khalili in Egypt. The most historical bazaar in the world, established in 1382 and responsible for explorers such as Columbus to trade goods from east
to west. Unfortunately it is not a very good place to go to these days, I know : ( But things will eventually settle down in Egypt. So if you ever travel there, don’t miss out on this very exotic, intoxicating and overwhelming, exiting bazaar.

At the legendary Khan El-Khalili bazaar in Cairo, Egypt trying to get the best deal on the jewelry ;) and a behind-the-scenes shot

6 Responses to “MOONLIGHT WARRIOR”

  1. Superfina bilder:-) och smyckena kommer till bra användning med – Kram


  2. I like the one were u r sitting down.


  3. Ska bli så fantastiskt roligt att träffa dig igen! =)

    Kommer vara så avis på er alla som får fota hihi.



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