The Circus Series

Imagine a traveling circus sometime in the early 20th century, strangely out of time, always on the move. There is a pride, an arrogance that sets apart the circus performers from the public who gaze back from the other side of a window that neither can cross.

Circus Series is a collection of photographic artworks that play with the way we construct identity. The works explore the balance between the extraordinary and the banal, between fake and real as they examine the role of ‘the performer’ by colliding the clichéd assumptions of the circus life with the vintage aesthetic of the early 20th century. The series is a continuation of the artistic duo’s longer term exploration of role, identity and sexuality in contemporary culture.

John Paul Bichard and Fräulein Frauke contacted me for this project to do the make up on these magnificent circus artists for their collection of photographic artwork.

The circus artists’ names are David and Fofo. Their ability to create acts with oddness and high energy has been very appreciated around the world. Explore more of their innovative way of working:

– Click pics to enlarge –

© Copyright John Paul Bichard and Fräulein Frauke 2011

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  1. That’s Leg Strength.


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