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In the heart of Mariannelund in Sweden lays a creek in the middle of a flourishing beautiful peaceful forest. That is the place that me and photographer Göran Magnusson chose for this photo session autumn 2011.

I got this burgundy medieval inspired dress at a second-hand store in San Francisco. I believe it is made sometime between 1940s-1960s. It is quite heavy and made of nice quality velvet. The color is really divine.

My daughter Elizia loving every inch of the forest. Enjoying the great number of insects and animals.

he he he… Two funny photos. Elizia with biiig curious eyes and my husband Matt checking out the skull.

MERMAID – Mythological creatures

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Enchanting aquatic creatures that are known to sing to men or Gods to seduce and distract them to lure them to smash their ships on the rocks? Depicted mermaids squeezing the life out of drowning men while attempting to rescue them? Also said to carry humans down to their underwater kingdoms? In Homer’s Odyssey, a Greek epic dating to at least 800 BC, the hero Ulysses ties himself to the mast of his ship to resist the sirens. I have read that in the last thousand years the siren story became mixed with the European mermaid story, and mermaids are sometimes called sirens. There is a distinct difference between them, but either way the mermaids have been enduring symbols in myth and culture for thousands of years and the powerful attraction is compelling.

Lily wanted to have her picture taken, portraying as mermaid, inspired from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean 4, where mermaids takes a central role. I had been thinking for a long time to do just that with me as a model, but I never found the time. So I understood how Lily was thinking, and her idea came very natural for me to interpret. I got the photo studio prepared with shells and starfish for props with the fan to get the accurate wind from the ocean blowing in her hair. After the make up was done we had to figure out different positions for her to sit. Poses that would look natural and make the graphic designer’s job easier. What position will the fish tail take and so on and where should all the hair be?

On these links below, Lily tells us about her thought on mythology, literature, religion and the topic of gender when it comes to these aquatic mythological creatures. The link is translated in three languages.

English >>>   Swedish >>>   Spanish >>>

We had a great time doing this photo shoot. Now the rest of the interpretation laid in the hands of graphic designer Mattias Savage. Lots and lots of work behind these pictures.

I hope you enjoy them ; )

Photo & Make up: Tallee Savage
Graphics: Mattias Savage

“Mermaid from hell” Stating the starfish is MINE!!!! Evil he he he

”Aye. Mermaids. Sea ghouls, devil-fish, dreadful in hunger for flesh of man. Mermaid waters, that be our path. Cling to your soul, Gibbs, as mermaids be given to take the rest, to the bone.”
―Hector Barbossa and Joshamee Gibbs

P.S To see other projects I have done with this Argentinean beauty check into this link HERE >>>

Gothic Ballerina

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The psycho-drama Black Swan based on the world ballet was certainly a twisted movie with dark sexual encounters, driven to despair and showing us the obsession part of the classical dance. Although very sad, I really enjoyed this quirky movie.

I had the idea of doing this photo session for quite a while. But I didn’t have an adequate model for the job … until Sandra Hila showed up. She was perfect! Graceful, agile, strong. Lovely model with killer personality!

Enjoy :)

Children Photography

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Here are some of the latest children who has visited me in my studio. Today I am showing my black & white selection. Short little moments captured forever. Each child with their own personality shining through. Adorable!

They make me happy, I hope they put a smile on your face too.

Photo & Styling: Tallee Savage
Graphics: Mattias Savage

Leopard Monokini

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Over 3 000 people visited my blog yesterday. I underestimated the power of the internet and did not think my blogging about Yngwie Malmsteen would stare up so much commotion. I want to thank everybody for checking in and for those sending me pm’s about the matter. I got lots of inquiries about posting new photos of him. And I will, some other time.

Today is a new day and I hope to put all this nonsense and so-called “luxury problems” behind me. So I’m posting my latest photo session I did with photographer Jan Monsen.

I am wearing a monokini. Which is something between a bathing suit and a bikini. I got the shoes at Irvine Spectrum down south of L.A and the jewelry is from Venice Beach.

Have a lovely day or night, depending on where you are : )

Yngwie Malmsteen’s wife tries hard to erase his past!

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Yngwie and I at our first apartment in Stockholm 1980

I had a big review ready to publish here on my blog about the movie “SÅ JÄVLA METAL” that was just released at the movie theatres here in Sweden. The movie, produced by Yasin Hillborg brings all the important pieces of the Swedish Metal scene together and nails all details and nostalgic memories for all rockers. But especially for us that were there … that really were THERE and involved somehow.Today I got a very disturbing phone call from one of the co-producers of the movie that has just hit the cinema. He was very sorry to say that they will be forced to cut out all my photos and interview from the movie because Yngwie Malmsteen’s wife threw a fit when she saw the movie and threatened to throw a lawsuit on them if my involvement is to not be erased. Can anybody believe the nerve of this woman? She is making a complete fool out of herself here in Sweden.

I was happy to be involved and to take part in the movie. With an interview and with old photos showing Yngwie and me as teenagers. I was Yngwie Malmseen’s first girlfriend and we had four years together that were very interesting, important and parts of our lives. This was before he was famous and I also supported and helped him when we left Sweden and started a new life in the U.S.A. that brought him acknowledge and fame.

From grief, struggle, distress to the life of a rock star that he very much undoubtedly deserved. And I was there the whole way. I stood by him, when people here in Sweden treated him like shit, he stayed at my parents home when he had no food and I later moved to his mom’s home to keep him company as he was a very lonely person really. I loved him just the way he was! We were inseparable for the whole period we where together. Anyway… we were young, so very young. But just the same, a very important, fun and happy time of my life.

We kept in contact for years after we broke up and I was very good friends with his mother for many years, even when he was not with me anymore. O’boy, Yngwie’s mom Rigmor would have been so upset and disappointed of April’s behaviour.

During the years I have heard very bad things about his wife, terrible things actually, from band members, family, close friends, business acquaintances etc. In fact I have never heard anything positive about her, not a single word. But I never met her and have never felt the urge to say bad things about a person that I never met. Also out of respect for Yngwie, he has never done me any harm really and so I kept my nice memories of him, that is all. She has never been important what so ever.

So yes, it seems she is a controlling monster and I believe a lot of people who had to deal with her bullshit during the years will agree. This person has been with Yngwie for years, has control over his life and carer as his manager and still so darn jealous and insecure. She will take any means to try to erase his past. He is not allowed to have any contact with old friends, and any ex are forbidden to go near any venue when he has a concert here in Sweden. I call this behaviour PATHETIC.

So I am cut out of the movie, not a big deal really. But a disturbing fact that she gets away with being a total bitch and tries so hard to erase his past.

While I am happy about life with my beautiful family and friends, Yngwie’s wife lays sleepless at night throwing febrile fists in the air and chasing windmills in the shape of old little girlfriends.

Still you all should see the movie SÅ JÄVLA METAL even if her behaviour is so darn UN-METAL.

Here are some of the photos that were shown in the movie. I shall put them here instead.

With Yngwie at rehearsals (1987)

Yngwie Malmsteen – a very funny guy, believe it or not… (1988)


Those were the old days… memories, memories. (2011)

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