Zorro goes Zavage

I use to watch Zorro on TV in the 70’s. This was in Chile and the U.S.A. I don’t recall seeing it here in Sweden actually, do you?  The fictional character is created by writer Johnston McCulley back in 1919 and the movie’s story is set in the Spanish colonial era of California. I remember that I used to think “Don Diego de la Vega”, which was Zorro’s secret identity, was very handsome. I am trying to remember what actor it was that I liked… I think it was Guy Williams actually. He did the role of Zorro between 1957-1961. “The Mask of Zorro” from 1998 with Antonio Banderas, Anthony Hopkins and Catherine Zeta-Jones is also a well-written and a beautiful movie.

Anyway, my sister Amanda is responsible for the styling. The clothes are from the best costume place in the world; Independent Kostym. Photographer Frank Hansen took the photos of us. We would also like to thank photographer Jan Monsen for assisting in the studio. I can tell you we had so much laughter doing this shoot.

Hasta la vista Amigos : )

– Click images to enlarge –


Models: Me, Matt and Elizia
Photo: Frank Hansen
Graphics: Mattias Savage
Stylist: Amanda Martinez / Independent Kostym
Make Up: Tallee Savage

Below: Some Un-edited “Behind the Scenes” shots

Getting the make up ready at studio Mix in Mariannelund.
— • —

He he he… Lots of fun with this shoot : D
— • —

5 Responses to “Zorro goes Zavage”

  1. GREAT)
    Nothing more to add=)

    One more stupid question if you don’t mind=): Is this your job or just some kind of hobby?


  2. Absolutely love the Zorro 5 shot. I haven’t read far enough into this blog to see if this is your family or nor but, hey, what a vision of pure beauty and strength. For some reason I imaged the three of you not as Zorro and Co, but as a powerful Spartan family – maybe the king and his queen and equally beautiful child daughter from a long lost ancient past…


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