OPETH’s 10th, album HERITAGE is a mix of Progressive rock, Folk-laden, Jazz fusion, 70’s and then some more. Their most progressive and ambitious effort to date.  Some rockers are crying their eye out because of the lack of growl on this album but I don’t miss it here. They certainly were the masters of “beauty and brutality”, but who says you need death metal growl to be heavy?
Still sounds very much Opeth to me. Michael has been quoted expressing his feelings about NOT being afraid to experiment or “being caught with his pants down”. “Why only do it one way when you can do everything else too” … and frankly, even if Death Metal is the root of Opeth, the mish-mash of the vintage guitars and organs passages,  jazzy Jethro Tull:ish flute interlude,  poetic vocals, folk formula,  all shows a substantial stylistic progressive perfection. A whole new sound for the heavy metal crowd to LOVE.

Heritage is marvellous and the more you listen to it, the more fantastic it gets. Innovative and flamboyant “metal”. The Rainbow influences are undoubtedly and hearable noticeable here and there. Especially in the song “Slither”
I am pretty sure Ritchie Blackmore will approve of the tribute masterpiece Opeth are indulging us with.

This is an extraordinarily,  epic album. Fresh, exiting, timeless and Phenomenal!
Dazzles me with beauty and energetic perfection. I love it!

 5 / 5 Little Savages

Opeth Live at Arenan in Stockholm, Sweden, December 8,  2011.

Great show… But one or two too many mellow songs. Michael’s growling is great, but it was not the part I missed. I felt my feet and head urging for a little more heavy and speed. It was there but a little to little.
Sound was off sometimes but sounded better towards the end of the set. Michael is a complete charmer on stage. With his very “down to earth” and intimate talk between the songs. Makes everybody feel comfortable and close to the band.

Beautiful master guitar playing from both Fredrik Åkesson and Mikael Åkerfeldt. Technical but never ever going overboard showing off and being theatrical Speedy Gonzales, only tasteful and perfect. Martin Axenrot did the best drum solo ever. The magnitude of this drummer! Incredible musicians, all of them!

4 / 5 Little Savages

These images must not be copied without the written permission of the photographer.
All photographs © Tallee Savage

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9 Responses to “OPETH”

  1. Anna Karlsson Says:

    Bra där :) Och de två tjejerna på den här planeten, som gillar trumsolon, stod kind mot kind :) Kram goda!


  2. tannhauser3 Says:

    Stranger still is the act that nobody these days, seems to mind or care what the band originally took its name from.. Actually, they didn’t take the name from a chain of gas stations in Turkey, although perhaps, they could have… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OPET

    No, instead, they took the name from one of the oldest religious festivals in the World, over in ancient Egypt – and much akin to an “ancient Egyptian Yule or Xmas” although it was then celebrated in September… http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Opet-Fest http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Opet_Festival

    Can’t recall that the guys in the band have designed festival posters or record sleeves around this theme yet, but perhaps, someone will do it some day :)

    Merry Yule !


  3. Great photos, amazing band!


  4. Excelente Blog Tallee, las fotos estan muy buenas.
    Hope see the guys here in Chile next year :-)
    Un beso.


  5. Heritage es un increible album !
    saludos desde Chile.
    buen blog.


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