Doing this photo session brought memories back to our visit to this exotic “Paradise of the Pacific” in 1998. Where we stayed in Honolulu for a week and then took our shortest flight ever (20 min) to Maui and the small village Kihei.
I recall the beautiful hibiscus flowers, colorful fish and green back turtles in the ocean, beaches with palm trees, thick rain forest, breathtaking mountains and cliffs and the pleasant climate caressing you. And of course we attended a traditional Polynesian Luau that was held at sunset with some entertainment from seductive Hula dancers and amazing Samoan fire knife performances!

Ok… So back to reality, these photos are taken by Göran Magnusson in our “Savage Beauty Studio”, with white background and studio lights. Graphic Designer, Mattias, brought me some sand to sink my toes in, the sun and even the Rainbow ;)

– Click images to enlarge –

Model & Make up: Tallee Savage
Photo: Göran Magnusson
Graphics: Mattias Savage

Some pictures from our trip to Hawaii in 1998.

I thought this was a funny sign… beware of turtles crossing.

—–  •  —–

Matt, Tim (8 yrs) and Adina (1 yr) on Waikiki Beach.    –    Hula dancers at a Luau in Maui.

—–  •  —–

Tim (8 yrs) with a friend :)

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