Welcome To The Freakshow

Sorry for lagging with my blogging. I will try to do better now. These past couple of months I have worked close with Swedish rock band FATAL SMILE.

I shot the photos and did the make up and Mattias did the editing for their upcoming album, entitled “21st Century Freaks“. To be released on April 27 via Metallville Records.

The first single “Welcome To The Freakshow” will be released in March.

Mr. Y – Guitar, Blade – Vocals, Philty – Drums, Alx – Bass

The actual video shoot was crazy and massive. I got pretty busy doing both the boys make up and preparing for my own little special appearance, dancing with a beautiful snake : )

The video is directed by Owe Lindwall. Now, he has done some utterly cool stuff with bands like Kamelot, The Rasmus and Meshuggah just to name a few.

But for now you must check out Fatal Smile’s trailer for the new upcoming video of the song “Welcome to the Freakshow”.

Some “Behind the Scenes” shots

A cute little hairless rat.

—–   •   —–

The beautiful boa constrictor “Lotta”

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