Amberian Dawn

I got up early as hell for this job – 4:30 to be exact… That is actually not so far from the time I usually go to bed, being a nocturnal and all. Anyway as soon as I stepped outside the door and took a breath of the cool and fresh air, I was alive. Today I was working on the a video recording for the Finnish symphonic power metal band, Amberian Dawn on the song “Cold Kiss” feat. Timo Kotipelto from the band Stratovarius.

Recording was located one hour drive from Stockholm, in an old fortress – Fredriksborg. A really cool place and perfectly suitable for the vampire story. The video was directed by Ville Lipiainen. He has done work with bands such as Pain, The 69 eyes, Nightwish, Sonic Syndicate among others. Operating the camera was Denis Goria and Matti Knuutila.

After I was done with the make up on Timo and the models featuring in the video, I grabbed the opportunity to take some photos of them.

Check out the video:


Models: Lenore Caine and Anna Bumbi from Nocturnal Model Agency.

Timo Kotipelto from the band Stratovarious.

2 Responses to “Amberian Dawn”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    well done Tallee!:)
    Nice video!
    I love past Stratovarius works,and Timo is a great singer for sure!
    about the song…nice, but I prefer the 2 girls modeling! LOL! ahah!:)
    hugs to you dear Tallee!


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